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Live Event - Wednesday September 21, 8 to 9am AEST 

(Tuesday, Sept 20th at 3-4pm PDT)




So you're able to go straight to the interviews you're interested in, here is the video timing, which you will also find in the description of the Live Streaming: 


     0:00 - Musical Introduction - School Children sing "I Am Australian" - School Children

     1:05 - What is Deep Listening and Why Don't We Do it Well? - Hugh Mackay AO

   14:25 - Deep Listening... what to listen for and how to do it - Oscar Trimboli

   34:15 - Compassionate/Deep Listening Project - Ursula Wharton

   49:05 - Creating a Compassionate Society - Dr Petrina Barson

1:02:47 - Deep Listening in Crisis - Christine Ball

1:14:06 - Deep Listening and The World Peace Games - John Hunter

1:39:04 - EarthCraft - Teaching Peace Education to Children - Ben Lawless and Students (Aanvi, Ethan)

1:58:08 - Deep Listening in Time of Loss - Deirdre Hanna

2:12:53 - How does deep listening influence - EAL students and EducationSwechha Shrestha

2:24:54 - The Deep Listening Required to Hear our Native Speciies - Jess Abrahams

2:39:32 - Listening to our wildlife and nature - Greg Irons

2:57:53 - Deep Listening to Wildlife and their Carers - Suzy Nethercott-Watson

3:15:43 - Deep Listening to Wildlife and their Carers - Stella the Wombat

3:17:55 - The Welcome - Guitar Musical Interlude Cary Lewincamp - Tasmanian Guitarist

3:23:31 - Palliative Care and Deep Listening - Terry Ayling

3:37:54 - Deep Listening at the End of Life - Dr Roger Cole

4:02:02 - Indigenous Deep Listening - Margo Knox

4:17:38 - Deep Listening to Heal - Ute Coleman

4:29:35 - Deep Listening The Buddhist Way - Rev Heng Sure

4:47:56 - Deep Listening and Wisdom - Rabbi Adi Cohen

5:01:35 -  Achieving a Politics of Being Through Deep Listening - Dr Thomas Legrand

5:15:53 - Deep Listening in Leadership and Work- Leigh Gassner

5:29:43 - Deep Listening In Compassionate Cities - Glenn Tozer

5:51:05 - The Sound of Deep Listening - Fyerfly

6:02:05 - Deep Listening for Creativity - Patrick Mitchell

6:20:15 - Why Deep Listening is More Important then Ever in World Diplomacy - Dr John Langmore

6:36:23 - Deep Friendships Through Deep Listening - Lindsay Mell

7:03:54 - How Deep Listening Supports Conflict Resolution - Shoshana

7:18:50 - The Importance of Deep Listening In Conversations - Andre Putting

7:29:46 - Caress - Guitar Musical InterludeCary Lewincamp - Tasmanian Guitarist


Each year on 21 September the Australian Compassion Council (ACC) organises a national day that offers the opportunity to join them in Deep Dreaming Australia A Continent for Compassion.
The theme for this year is Deep Listening – because if we are to survive in these turbulent times then we must become better at speaking and listening compassionately across our national and global diversity
The theme for this year’s National Day for Compassion was Deep Listening. 

Our Guest Global Speaker was Dr Rick Hanson 


Rick HansenDr Hanson is a neuropsychologist, New York Times Best Selling Author and Founder of the Global Compassion Coalition. This newly established Compassion Coalition will include global and Australian Charter representatives. Dr Hanson also cofounded the Wellspring Institute for Neuroscience and Contemplative Wisdom and edits the Wise Brain Bulletin.

 Download the Event Booklet here 


Deep Dreaming Australia


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