What Does Compassion Look Like?


In a Compassionate City

Diverse groups of leaders and citizens work with intention to bring the Golden Rule into every aspect of civic life.

Political and civic gatherings are marked by careful listening, thoughtful dialogue, vigorous debate and a desire to serve.

Agencies provide public services to support and cherish all citizens.

In a Compassionate Place of Worship

The Golden Rule is at the core of teaching and practice.

Strangers are welcome and all work to heal the world.

The Community cares for the poor, homeless, hungry, sick and grieving.

Justice is imagined and created through public advocacy and practice.

In a Compassionate School

Students learn how to listen to each other.

Service-Learning is part of the curriculum.

Students and teachers actively prevent bullying.

Students are taught to be global citizens and to treat others with respect and dignity.

In a Compassionate Business or Organization

Employees are treated with gratitude and respect.

Employees are provided with a living wage.

Employees are encouraged to take care of themselves with exercise, rest and meditation.

Employees are supported in doing community service.

All keep in mind the well-being of clients, customers, partners and supply chain.

Health of the community is a clear and action based objective.

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