Continental Youth Watch Development

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    1. Legal & Human rights affairs
    2. Social development affairs  including project designing, training & implementations
    3. Early childhood & other related formal and informal education projects
    4. Youth life experience exchanging programs, including seminars, workshops & conferences
    5. Conflict resolution management participatory programs
    6. Voluntary women peace & security keeping activities 
    7. Political, economic research, advisory and consultant mission programs
    8. Environmental research and conservation activities
    9. Children's social and moral protection activities
    10. Policy making and enhancement activities
    11. Promoting early childhood education among the marginalized children's society

    Strategically we intend to implement activities which enables the entire community dwellers within the organization member states who particularly are vulnerable youths and other similar social groups:

    • To access information which enables them to understand their constitutional legal rules & rights for the entire community benefits.
    • To effectively engage in policy enacting enhancement & monitoring dialogue on poverty reduction activity programs.
    • To advocate for the deficient human rights in Tanzania & Africa at large.
    • Implementing capacity building project activities in the regions of Tanzania.
    • Implementing both preliminary & secondary sustainable development piloting projects in Tanzania & the neighboring community.
    • Implement peace keeping activities & watch the development of diplomatic resolutions in Africa etc.
    • Volunteering in peace Accord implementation worldwide  
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