Dangerous Memories

Dangerous Memories

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Perhaps with the words you will be pierced, broken to understand... 

Aztec Poem: Poems of the Aztec People  (translated by Edward Kissam and Michael Schmidt )

why some people be mad at me sometimes 
they ask me to remember 
their memories 
and i keep on remembering 

~ Lucille Clifton, next: new poems

Dangerous Memories 

Invasion and Resistance Since 1492 

Authors of Dangerous Memories 

Renny Golden (Chapter Three), activist and poet, teaches at Northeastern Illinois University. Her newest book, The Hour of the Poor, The Hour of Women, recently won the Crossroads/Continuum Women's Studies Award for 1991. The Hour of the Furnaces will be publsidhed in 1992. 

Michael McConnell (Chapter Two), formerly the coordinator of an alternative high school in Chicago and co-author (with Renny Golden) of Sanctuary: The New Undergound Railroad, was a contributor to The Moral Nation, published by Temple University Press.

Cinny Poppen (Chapter One) taught English and Writing in public and alternative schools at all ages levels for twenty years. Now she is a peace activist, working for the Chicago Religous Task Force on Central America as one of the editors of Basta!

Peggy Mueller, who has been a teacher, school consultant, and counselor, former director of the Urban Education Program of the Associated Colleges of the Midwest, a teacher training program.

Marilyn Turkovich has authored and co-authored twelve curriculum books on area studies, multicultural/global education and principal writer of three series for Independent Broadcasting Associates.

Many individuals participated in the production of this book. The authors want to thank them for their help while acknowledging that any errors are our own.

Production Team 

Darlene Gramigna 

Robin Semer

Claire Stuart 






Melinda Bales 

Eileen Gardner 

Pat O'Brien 





Pre-publication Readers

Carmen Aguilar 

Mary Ann Corley 

Bill Bigelow 

Jan Elliott 

Bernard Headley 

Faith Smith 

Studs Terkel 

Task Force Volunteers

Mary Adderly 

Sarah Crean 

Mary DiCarlo 

Marlise Fratinardo 

Chad Goslee 

Kristin Pugh 


John Aubrey, Newberry Library 

Maris Cooke, University of Illinois 

Meredith Sommers, Central American Resource Center, Minneapolis 





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