Peru, 1742: Juan Santos Atahualpa

Juan Santos Atahualpa

The execution of Juan Santos


Juan Santos is tall, a Jesuit-educated mestizo with light skin and short hair worn in the style of the indigenous.  He speaks Spanish, Quechua, and Latin.  He dresses like those who live in the jungle and around his neck is a crucifix which he always wears.

It is May.  The messengers he had sent out days ago are returning to his jungle encampment.  The message they carried to the pueblos and colonial missions was that an Incan Lord had appeared, a direct descendant of the murdered Atahualpa.  He was sent by God to set the world right and usher in a new order that would free the tribes from oppression and bring in prosperity.  The message ends asking for their help to reclaim history.

The messengers return with words from the outlying regions.  The word is Yes.


-Steve Stern, ed., Resistance, Rebellion, and Consciousness in the Andean Peasant World, 43; Daniel Valcarcel, Rebeliones Indigenas, 50-51

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