Participating Communities: Denver, Colorado, USA

Participating communities by Charter for Compassion

Our Present Goals Include to:
By Jack Unruh

  • Link people involved in compassion-work so that a critical mass begins to generate its own outcomes.
  • Use neuroscience-based best practices to interest people in different domains in cultivating compassion as a tool as well as a motive.
  • Assert that compassion, as standard equipment for all humans, is a central key to being both an individual and a societal member, reclaiming it as a person strength.
  • Use Compassion Denver to move people from consumers of services to citizens – thus removing shame associate with dependency and showing what can be accomplished as a contributor.
  • And finally, using this last concept to build inroads with conservative Denverites, via the personal responsibility ideology – every personally responsible person is responding to someone else, even if it’s just to work hard and pay one’s own way.
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