Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship Part 2 2

Start Date: August 9, 2021
Cost: $30
Duration: 4 weeks
Registration: Opening in July
, 2021

Guide: Shenequa Pierre

Welcome! You're about to learn some great stuff about Internet safety, social networking, online learning tools, and digital privacy and security. Just exactly what is a good Digital Citizen? Before answering this question, a base for what makes a good citizen must be established. There are numerous definitions for good citizenship. Most involve being aware of and involved in the greater interest and needs of people around us, both local and global. It is more than just being nice, being moral and following laws although those are important pieces.

You might be thinking, "Why do I need to know this stuff? I'm happy with being able to do what I like on the Internet and all the warnings about web safety are over-hyped by anxious teachers and parents. And....there are lots of reasons (besides getting super smart) to learn about these things. I won't give the the entire list but I'll mention five important reasons this matters:

1. Watching your children and adults be involved in cyberbullying without realizing it, which could lead to a ton of trouble.

2. You could share your personal information with someone who is pretending to be trustworthy when in fact they are attempting to steal your personal information.

3. You could find things you're looking for more quickly - saving you a lot of time for doing more fun things like listening to music, spending time with family or shopping for things you want.

4. You could become the most knowledgeable person in your family, home, and neighborhood about the Internet. Knowledge is power!

5. You could enjoy all that the Internet has to offer (and it offers a lot of cool things) while not putting yourself, family or friends at risk.

Now that I have you interested in finding out more, here's what you're going to have to do to be smarter than the above average Internet user. REMEMBER - knowledge is power.

Who Will Benefit:

Anyone who wants to Become More Aware of Internet Safety

Anyone who wants to Become More Responsible Social Media Users

Anyone who wants to Learn About Cybersecurity.

Participants will learn how to:

Navigate browsers and email safely

Utilize social networks effectively

Explore privacy and security

Recontextualize Safety and Ethics, Online Community, Culture, and Citizenship

Connect and build healthy relationships online

Spread compassion and dismantle cyber drama

Be equipped with tools that creates a safe online atmosphere

How will you SOAR?

The four lessons of “Digital Citizenship” are completely online—with easily downloadable exercises and reflections.

  • This course includes interactive discussions, community engagement, text, photos, videos, written exercises, and reflections.
  • You can learn at your own pace and within a comfortable time frame, approximately 60 minutes a week for four weeks. You work through each lesson at your own pace during the week, adding feedback through the use of comments and questions.
  • You can access a new lesson each week from anywhere, anytime as long as you have an internet connection.
  • This is a self-paced course, so if you get behind, you can catch up at any time and review past lessons at your convenience. The content remains available for six months. How cool is that! I’m excited, can you tell?!?
  • As your guide, I will be here to partner with your thoughts, read your comments, and grow with you in the process of navigating this awesome tool we have at our fingertips.

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Course Overview

Week 1


What is the place of digital media in our lives?


What is a digital footprint, and what does yours convey?


What is identity theft, and how can you protect yourself from it?


Week 2


How do you judge the intentions and impact of people's words and actions online?

When does inappropriate online behavior cross the line into cyberbullying, and what can you do about it?


Does the way we think about digital drama have anything to do with gender?


Week 3


What are the outcomes of presenting yourself in different ways online?


What are gender stereotypes, and can they shape our experiences online?


Week 4


How should you handle inappropriate online talk?


About your Facilitator

SPierreShenequa “SP” Pierre is an innovative unapologetic leader serving at the intersection of Education, Authentic Impact, and Social Justice. She currently serves in many roles, all strategically focused on cultivating excellent education, equipping for justice, and empowerment of the community.

Shenequa’s life mission is to Educate, Equip, and Empower everyone she encounters by being a resource and extending learning beyond the classroom. She believes in the power of a shared testimony from a healed place. She is an author, a mother, a creative, a doctoral student, a strategist, a world traveler, an entrepreneur, a problem solver, and much more. For more than ten years, she has been challenging audiences all over the world to face their fears, embrace change, and walk-in purpose. 

Shenequa Pierre is an Education Reformer and School Leader who obtained a bachelor’s in science in 2007 from Florida International School of Psychology and Health Studies. In the summer of 2007, she pursued and obtained her Dual Masters in Mental Health Counseling and Applied Behavior Analysis from the College of Psychology at Nova Southeastern University in Summer 2011. She is currently pursuing her doctoral degree at North Central University studying Curriculum and Teaching. She founded her nonprofit G.E.M.S. (Girls Empowered and Motivated to Succeed) in 2009 and her second business The Parent Resource Room (A Parent Portal) in 2018. Shenequa’s life mission is to Educate, Equip, and Empower everyone she encounters by being a resource and extending learning beyond the classroom. She believes in the power of a shared testimony from a healed place. She looks to continue touching the world by sharing messages of healing, inspiration, deliverance, application, and transformation in a non-conventional, disruptive way.

SP's classes are designed to equip participants, build authentic relationships, and apply the knowledge that will cultivate critical thinkers. SP’s engaging and dynamic presentation-style compels forward action and sustainable impact.

Shenequa has discovered the only way of survival is to know your potential, passionately fall in love with it and work hard to fulfill your purpose. Join her in the mission as we labor in love together to CHANGE THE WORLD!

If you are interested in transformative frameworks that change narratives and receive tools to turn your vision and values into tangible outcomes you can contact Shenequa at .



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