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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

Empower inclusive, productive, and resilient cities.

Transform governance and technologies for sustainable development.

Achieve gender equality, social inclusion, and human rights for all.  

Does our community have:

  • Adequate (meets standards), affordable housing for all members of the community?
  • A plan for population growth in terms of numbers of housing units, zoning, and services (i.e., water, electricity) to neighborhoods?
  • Adequate services (water, sewer, sanitation, electricity) to support all members of the community?


  • Are there policies in place (and are they enforced) to ensure equitable lending to people applying to obtain home mortgages?
  • Are there policies in place (and are they enforced) to ensure that people seeking to rent are not denied housing due to discrimination?

Shelter and Housing for Marginalized Populations

  • What policies and programs serve to provide temporary shelter and long-term housing for the homeless population?
  • What community groups exist to help alleviate suffering around issues of shelter?
  • How does our community ensure against “environmental racism” (low-income or minority communities in proximity to environmentally hazardous or degraded environments, such as toxic waste, pollution and urban decay)?
  • Is adequate shelter available in our community for marginalized groups?
  • Are evaluations and compliance reviews conducted regularly?  Are there peer-to-peer resources available?
    • Released prison inmates
    • Sex offenders
    • Mentally ill
    • Physically, developmentally, or emotionally disabled
    • Unemployed or underemployed
    • Victims of domestic violence
    • Immigrants
    • Migrant workers
    • People recovering from addictions or illnesses
    • Orphans and other “street kids”
    • Elderly poor

About Us

  • charter brand transp blue mediumCharter for Compassion provides an umbrella for people to engage in collaborative partnerships worldwide. Our mission is to bring to life the principles articulated in the Charter for Compassion through concrete, practical action in a myriad of sectors.


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