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 Identifying Issues

United Nations Sustainability Goals:

Empower inclusive, productive, and resilient cities.

“The World We Want 2015” Priority:

Better Transport and Roads

Who uses/needs public transportation in our community (for school, business, shopping, banking, child care, medical care)?

  • What forms of public transportation are currently available?
  • Is public transportation affordable, convenient, and safe for all who need it—especially those who must rely on public transportation?
  • Do our current modes of transportation (private and public) contribute to poor air quality in our community?
  • Is there transportation available to help the elderly and disabled fulfill their needs (shopping, medical appointments)?
  • Are provisions made for the safety of those riding bicycles and other non-motorized forms of transportation?
  • Is any portion of the community isolated because of the lack of safe, clean, convenient transportation?


Does our community:

  • Provide education/communication about transportation issues?  About the connection between transportation and environmental pollution?
  • Encourage car pooling, van pooling, and non-motorized forms of transportation for a safer, more healthful environment?
  • Does our state enforce speed limits, educate and promote information about the connection between speed limits, fuel conservation and environmental standards?

About Us

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