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Move As One

Minneapolis, MN, USA


Move As One LLC (Minneapolis, MN, USA)

Move As One provides wholistic consulting services that empower leaders and teams to clarify direction and meet their highest goals. Often called a "transformation agent", Move As One founder Julie Delene aligns leaders and teams from the inside out using the 5 Mindful Moves™.

5 Mindful Moves™ is a proven, powerful approach to strengthening, energizing and focusing business leaders and teams. 5 Mindful Moves™ aligns your team's vision and performance by building presence, passion, purpose and most importantly, partnership.

The Move As One game guides players through the 5 Mindful Moves™ to set intentions into motion. It is a fun way to explore questions and gain insights. Play with others to facilitate a healthy conversation and solve problems together.



Minneapolis, MN, USA






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