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Sustainable Beekeeping and Human Development

Tabora, Tanzania


Sustainable Beekeeping and Human Development (SuBeHuDe) (Tabora, Tanzania)

The SuBeHuDe provide short course training in commercial beekeeping, practical permaculture, eco-entrepreneurship, environmental conservation, renewable energy and climate change action, biodiversity and natural resource management; and community capacity building.

The other SuBeHuDe’s activities are to promote access of quality education for all, healthcare and clean drinking water and promotion of human achievement which we believe will result in improved livelihood and sustainable communities for successful and timely interventions.

We are also building a network to provide learning support, mentorship and financial assistance to the young beekeepers, permies, api-prenuers and conservationists.



Tabora, Tanzania



Facebook page: SuBeHuDe


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