Education Today, Society Tomorrow (ETST)


Date/Time: ​Thursday, November 17th, 7:30-9:00am PDT



About Education Today, Society Tomorrow

Teachers are called ‘nation builders.’ If that is true, what sort of nation/world have we built over the years? The most impressionable part of a person’s life is spent in school. This is the time one’s attitudes and values are shaped. That means, as teachers, we have a significant role in shaping a child’s personality.  As teachers, are we doing justice to our roles as ‘nation builders’ and ‘torchbearers of civilization’? This question is a major concern to educators. ETST workshops bring the spotlight to values education which will lead to the formation of an ethical society.

Several educators responded to the challenge and joined this life-changing journey. After 28 years, the learnings from the ETST workshops have been crystallized into five essential components: Self-Awareness, Ethical Governance, Compassionate Leadership, Respect for Diversity, and Empathetic Service to Society. These components provide a ready framework for schools to adopt the spirit and practice of the core principles of lofC.

A team of committed people who firmly believe in the power of education, who believe that the world can be changed for the better through our classrooms.

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Arun Wakhlu is a member of the global executive council of the Charter for Compassion and Author of the award winning book “Managing from the Heart." , and co-author of the book “One Wholesome World”. He is the Executive Director and Chief Mentor of Pragati Leadership, based in Pune, India -  A spiritually inspired and professionally skilled community that works with clients in 29 countries, with an aim to unfold sustainable value for all stakeholders. 

Arun is also the Chairman of the Pragati Foundation, an NGO working for catalyzing sustainable livelihoods and Compassion in Education. He has initiated and facilitated several international conferences to foster peace, prosperity, and collaboration for compassion.  

His latest book (co-authored with his father Prof. Dr. Omkar N Wakhlu ) “One Wholesome World” is a practical game changing manual for global transformation starting with each one of us. Arun’s seven core strengths are Compassion, Creativity, Optimism,Enthusiasm,Relationship Building, Strategic Mindedness and Resilience. He loves life and sees it as Love In Full Expression.

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