Gendercide Awareness Project

Gendercide Awareness Project


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Female genocide, or gendercide, passes under the radar because it is a silent, ongoing attrition of women rather than a sudden eruption of violence. The media rarely pick up on it, and when they do, they discuss just one type of gendercide – sex-selective abortion (also called female feticide). 

Gendercide, understood as something that affects women in EVERY stage of life, alerts us in a highly measurable way to the fact that women are not well in the world. They face discrimination so severe and so systemic that it doesn’t just make their lives difficult – it’s lethal. And gendercide carries in its train a host of consequences that further bedevil women – sex trafficking, child marriage, maternal death, and crime. 

While this is all quite gloomy, there is a bright side. The fact that gendercide is a socially created, manmade problem means that it is a fixable problem. With this in mind, we focus on 1) raising awareness, particularly through our traveling art exhibit, and 2) taking action by educating at-risk girls in developing countries. We believe that educating girls is the best long-term strategy for ending gendercide. Because education and job training make a girl valuable to her family and community, the next generation will be less inclined to eliminate them.

Women are NOT disposable. We affirm the intrinsic value of each human being, male and female, as well as the equality of men and women. We educate girls so that tomorrow's women have rights and access to resources, so that they can live in material and personal dignity. We do this in a spirit of compassion.


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4 women making baby booties

Location: Dallas, TX, USA

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