Stephenie Bushra Khan

Stephenie Bushra Khan Lives in Temecula, California. She writes for Islamic magazines, especially Islamic Horizons

Lotus Mother by Stephenie Bushra Khan

Lotus Mother

Acrylic paint on canvas

18 in x 24 in
46 cm x 61 cm

Dervishes Bowing by Stephenie Bushra Khan

Dervishes Bowing

Acrylic paint on canvas

24 in x 30 in
61 cm x 76.2 cm

Mother of the Universe by Stephenie Bushra Khan

Mother of the Universe

Acrylic paint on canvas

20 in x 24 in
51 cm x 61 cm

Stephenie Bushra KhanStephenie Bushra Khan is originally from Winchendon, Massachusetts, graduated from the School of the Worcester Art Museum. Professional artist poet and freelance writer of Islamic magazines and newspapers and exhibited and sells work influenced by the New England woods.

Stephenie grew up in the subcontinent Bengali culture and married into and Sufism Islam and Transcendentalism.

She writes about mental health issues and Islamic issues and is also influenced by her Catholic background ingrained in her subconscious.

She currently lives with her husband in Temecula, California, United States.

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