The Charter for Compassion Global Team

The Charter for Compassion Global Team

John Boswell, CFC Ambassador for the LGBTQI Communityphoto

John is passionate about enhancing life for LGBTQI people and connections with those outside the community. He is president of Rainbow Advocacy and spearheading programs to deepen compassionate action in Los Angeles and around the world. John started out in public radio and broadcast television, producing media programs for a wide range of businesses and socially-oriented organizations. He has worked actively in international non-profit efforts and is developing compassion-building programs with CFC for the global LGBTQI community.

PaulBrooks2Paul Brooks, CFC Ambassador for the Business Sector

Paul enjoys discussing spiritual evolution and building a Compassionate World through Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship.  Lead by intuition and a drive to "think outside the box," Paul enjoys meeting with entrepreneurs who are bringing their unique gifts to the community.  Paul has both the CFP® and CIMA® designations and uses his 20 years of experience in retirement and financial planning to support those individuals and work toward creating a purpose driven, sustainable, conscious economy. 

sandeSande Hart, CFC Ambassador for the Women and Girls Sector

Sande Hart is a mother of 2 and lives in Southern California. She is Chief Compassion Officer of Compassionate California, President of the women's global interfaith organization SARAH and author and workshop facilitator. In nearly 15 years of women's community building, it's clear that healing our communities with resilience and a regenerative spirit is our biological and innate imperative and women are showing up in unprecedented ways to make that happen. The Charter for Compassion's women's initiative holds the vision to provide a unique space and a voice to those women and their efforts.
Sande's been involved with the Charter for Compassion since 2013.

LouisaHEXTLouisa Hext, CFC Ambassador for the Peace and Restorative Jusice Sectors

Louisa is the North American coordinator for the traveling exhibition, The F Word: Stories of Forgiveness (a program of The Forgiveness Project, a UK-based nonprofit). The exhibit uses story-telling to explore ideas around forgiveness and reconciliation and how they can be used to create healing in people’s lives. Louisa is the Co-Founder of #CompassionConvos, which challenges bias through compassionate action. She has extensive experience as an advocate in human and civil rights. Louisa is a skilled and experienced mediator, consultant and coach. She serves as the ambassador for Charter for Compassion's (CFC) Peace and Restorative Justice sectors.

GetFileAttachmentMimi Hicklin, editorial/administrative assistant

Mimi Hicklin graduated from Washington State University with a B.A. in English literature and a B.A. in Spanish, before moving to Oregon where she earned her Master’s degree in English with an emphasis on 20th century American poetry from Portland State University. Today, Mimi lives in the Seattle area with her husband and stepson, and loves being CFC's Editorial/ Administrative Assistant – putting her writing, editing, outreach, and organizational skills to work for a cause that she feels passionate about.

 TommyHolgate2Tommy Holgate, volunteer YouTube coordinator

Tommy has an eclectic background that includes stand-up comedy, experimental street dance and journalism. In the past 12 months he completed a 1200-mile hand cycle down the length of the UK in aid of the African charity telethon Sport Relief and qualified in a series of holistic therapies including Colour Therapy, Herbalism, Nutrition, Acupressure Massage and Tai Chi instruction. Tommy has decided to use his mixture of qualifications and writing/performance background to get involved in politics, becoming Media Spokesperson for The Peace Party UK, for whom stood as a Parliamentary Candidate in the 2015 General Election. Since signing up for the Charter For Compassion mailing list in July 2014 he has become involved as our YouTube coordinator.

vanessa imageVanessa Hurst, Consultant for Community Growth

Vanessa F. Hurst is Compassion Officer at Intent & Action. She consults with organizations to identify and strengthen compassion cultures and create sustainable, collaborative environments. As a community builder, she facilitates the strengthening of relationships with current stakeholders and the growing of community membership. Vanessa is author of Engaging Compassion Through Intent and Action and A Constellation of Connections: Contemplative Relationships. She holds a master’s degree in Natural Health. In her practice as an intuitive coach, she assists clients in transformation through the integration of mindfulness practices and compassion.

BarbaraKaufmannjpgBarbara Kaufmann, CFC Ambassador for the Arts Sector, writer and contributor to the Voices Education Project

Barbara Kaufmann, “One Wordsmith” discovered a long time ago, the power in words, images and "story” to change the world. Told with art, music, words, photos, images, film, "story" can grab the human heart, squeeze it, burst it open and send a corona of inspired-creative-human-brilliance shimmering through mass consciousness, the world and the Universe itself. A single image can reverberate round the globe and startle humanity awake. Founder of  “Words and Violence” Program about bullying in all its forms on this planet, and writer for Voices Education Project, Charter for Compassion, a Huffington Post contributor, poet, artist, scriptwriter and filmmaker—Barbara “writes to simply change the world.” Her ministry and life’s work is dedicated to “establishing a more humane narrative on this planet.”

CG ClosingMary Ella Keblusek, volunteer events coordinator, project management and editor

Mary Ella enjoys working with nonprofit organizations across the globe to help make them more effective. She started out in systems design and consulting for enterprise businesses, completing her corporate career as an executive for an international human resources consulting firm. During the past decade, Mary Ella has worked with and managed development, education and social justice nonprofits in US, UK, Switzerland, India, Canada, and the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. Since earning a Master of International Service in 2009 at American University, Mary Ella has focused her efforts on organizations like the Charter for Compassion which use a values-based approach to address the world’s most challenging issues.

BarbKerr2Barbara Kerr, coordinator of the Chater Education Institute and writer

Barbara's experiences as a college English instructor, a strategic planning and accreditation consultant, an executive coach, a writer, and workshop trainer for emotional intelligence have taught her a great deal about the great potential for empathy and compassion in our personal lives, our workplaces, our communities, and the world community.  She is pleased to contribute what she has learned as she works with the Charter for Compassion to create a global compassionate community.

lagrouCynthia LaGrou, Ambassador for Film and Media Arts

Cynthia is a cultural creative who is driven by curiosity, imagination and a vision for positive change in the world. As Founding Director at Compathos Foundation she works at the intersection of the arts and creativity, peace and compassion, and social transformation by producing and sharing conscious media that educates and inspires. Cynthia facilitates teams of social change artists, filmmakers, musicians, writers, and technologists in the co-creation of meaningful media experiences from around the world, while working to provide strategic insight and integral solutions for content producers, mission-driven organizations, and networked movements. Cynthia is an author, speaker and event producer who is passionate about bringing people together to unearth their collective stories and inspire meaningful action around the common good. She is working with the Charter to produce community engagement resources and a Media Coalition for Peace and Compassion.

AndreaLeBlancAndrea LeBlanc, CFC Ambassador for Peace and Non-Violence Sector and annotated bibliographies section

Andrea LeBlanc lost her husband, Robert G. LeBlanc, Professor Emeritus of Geography, on UA#175 when it was flown into the second WTC tower. Together Bob and Andrea parented 5 children and have nine grandchildren. Andrea is a retired veterinarian, having practiced small animal medicine and surgery for 37 years. The family created the Robert G. LeBlanc Memorial Scholarship at the University of New Hampshire which is awarded to undergraduate students for study abroad.

[Since joining 9/11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows] "I have realized that there is a vast global community of wise and compassionate people who all understand the wisdom and power of nonviolence. I believe that the stories of these peacemakers must be told and told again until they become as ubiquitous as all the stories of hatred and violence and war.  I belong to that community and I want to tell their stories."

Isaiah MaldonadoIsaiah Maldonado, volunteer graphic designer

Isaiah Maldonado is a graphic designer and constant learner with a knack for modern design. He is a Chicago native, Fort Worth transplant. With more than 13 years of graphic design experience, Isaiah hopes to help the Charter communicate the unifying message of compassion — one he believes the world is longing for. He is currently the head of creative design for Game Clash, a gaming technology startup, and manages a full-time creative freelance business. His first love is music and he is the lead singer of a budding shoegaze band.

2c4ab6fLizzie Maldonado, volunteer marketing and graphic designer

Lizzie currently leads social media for RadioShack Corporation and offers her marketing experience to further the reach of the Charter's message. She holds a degree in journalism and is a storyteller by both trade and curse. Her previous work includes four years at a B2B marketing agency, a summer tour of KERA 90.1/KXT 91.7 Public Radio (NPR affiliate) in Dallas, and, in a former life, a journalist for radio and print. She is a new mom and coping Chicago transplant to Fort Worth.

DanMartinDaniel E. Martin, coordinator of science and reseach

Dr. Daniel E. Martin is an Associate Professor of Management at California State University-East Bay, and Director of Research at CFC. Formerly a Visiting Associate Professor at the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University (2014-15 Collaborating Scientist), a Visiting Scholar at the Center for the Study of Law & Society at UC Berkeley, a Research Fellow for the U.S. Army Research Institute, and Personnel Research Psychologist for the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, he has worked with private, public and nonprofit organizations on pre-employment selection, training, and organizational assessment. His research interests include: compassion, social capital, ethical behavior, racism and prejudice, human resources assessment, religiosity, spirituality and humor.  Other streams involve the impact of ideology on compassion and psychological well-being.

oliviaOlivia McIvor, course development and conference planning

Known as a ‘people champion’ since early in her career, Olivia was told she would never be successful if she continued to “wear her heart on her sleeve”; today this proclamation has become her trademark. She has spent three decades as an Organization Development specialist supporting cultures to promote connection, compassion and community in business.  Olivia is a leadership facilitator, speaker and author of three best-selling books: The Business of Kindness; Four Generations-One Workplace; and Turning Compassion into Action.  Olivia lives in Vancouver, Canada and serves as a board director on The Kindness Foundation of Canada.  Her passion for training and facilitating dialogues for positive change comes into action as an education coordinator with CEI and in the development of the Introduction to the Charter on-line course and other Charter projects.

HannahMyerick3Hannah Myrick, social media volunteer

Hannah does social media work for the Charter for Compassion and CFC's education arm, Voices Education Project. She researches quotes, works on posting them to the website and finds photographs and illustrations that demonstrate the inspiring message of the Charter for Compassion. She’s currently a high school student, but can’t wait to explore many cultures, languages and foods from all over the world at some point in her life and to incorporate what she has been learning working with CFC.

YvetteNewtonYvette Newton, CFC Ambassador for Social Services Sector

With a deep commitment to public service and child advocacy, Yvette Newton has been a competent social worker in the field of child protective services for the past 24 years.  She is an instrumental leader, recognized amongst colleagues and peers, for the conceptualization of projects and events that benefit the community.  During her tenure at the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF), she has fostered numerous professional relationships with local leaders, organizations, and the media.
Subsequent to the 2012 elementary school massacre in Sandy Hook, CT, Yvette attended a conference on "Compassion in the Community."  Unknowingly, the conference, talks from leaders of all disciplines, and the humble warriors at the WCSU's Center for Compassion, Creativity, and Innovation, served as a catalyst for her current volunteer work and passion.

Threading compassion for the benefit of the collective good, is in concert with Yvette's work and lifestyle.  Her goal is to host Compassion Games in her community, "catalyzing compassionate action through the spirit of competitive altruism."  Yvette currently serves as Lead Volunteer of the Social Services sector for the Charter for Compassion.

PatNoblePat Noble, volunteer for creating bibliographies in Religion, Spirituality and Interfaith, and Science and Research

Pat Noble is based in Binghamton NY. She believes that any act of compassion and kindness has the far reaching power of a butterfly’s wings to change the world. Over the years she has worked in factories, as a telephone operator, and a home help aid. During her time as a member of the Daughters of Charity, she served impoverished people in childcare, religious education, and spiritual care. As a licensed social worker, she continues to serve those who are poor as a family therapist with Catholic Charities. Over the past several years, she has given presentations and mini-workshops on compassionate communication to various organizations. She is currently working on developing a course on compassion. An avid reader of anything that speaks to understanding and promoting the best of our human potentials, she happily contributes annotated bibliographies for the website in the areas of Religion/Spirituality/Interfaith and Science/Research.

Christine 3Christen Pentek, education volunteer

Christen Pentek hangs in Minnesota and is a youthworker, researcher, and lifelong knowledge seeker. She works with the youth-oriented media, reading the world as well as the words. In her spare time she makes food from scratch, dances wildly, and runs marathons. Christen works at researching education materials to be included in our annotated bibliographies.

charlesphillipsCharles Phillips, UN Representative 

Charles Phillips has a 20+ year background serving in faculty and senior leadership roles for multiple global non-profit community-based organizations. He has an accomplished history of designing and delivering higher education programs, focused on service, community development and non-profit leadership that improve and enhance learning. Charles has particular success in integrating universal instructional design theories and service-learning pedagogies into curricula, engaging students in meaningful volunteer service and community partnerships that contribute to lasting positive social change.

 DSC8945final5x72Reed Price, general coordinator

Reed Price is Chief Catalyst of @rveep, a soup-to-nuts cross-media content consultancy that helps organizations tell their stories in text, image and video. A former national journalist, Reed also has extensive professional experience in entertainment programming and social media. He admires the music of Leonard Cohen, the art of Wassily Kandinsky and the reflections of Henri Fredric Amiel. Reed works on helping CFC on preparing materials to promote the work of the Charter, helps with website coordination, and oversees the speakers list for Maestro.

BenRobertsBen Roberts, hosting and facilitating Maestro conference calls

Ben Roberts is a “systemic change agent” and a “process artist.” He has been convening and hosting both in-person and virtual conversations in service to initiatives for change on a regular basis since March 2009, when he began leading a local weekly “Discussion Salon." He specializes in making virtual events come alive, either as stand-alone events or in conjunction with in-person gatherings. He has extensive experience adapting large group conversational processes such as World Cafe, Open Space Technology and Appreciative Inquiry to the virtual realm, as well as integrating in-person and virtual formats within a single conversation, gathering or engagement. Ben uses these processes to support collaboration, to build communities of practice and purpose, and to host large scale conversations in service to the work being done across multiple dimensions of global systemic transformation. As the Charter for Compassion’s mission aligns directly with this focus, Ben is honored to have the chance to put these skills to use as part of its core team.

marierokerMarie Roker-Jones, Co-Founder and Host of #CompassionConvos

Marie Roker-Jones is Founder of Raising Great Men-Life skills for boys to mind up, not man up and co-founder of #CompassionConvos-challenging bias through compassionate action. Marie has over 15 years of experience in program development, community building, coaching and career development. Marie is a NAMA certified Anger Management Specialist, a certified Intrinsic coach and Youth Mental Health First Aider, working with kids and teens to be "smart with their hearts".

Don Rooks2Don Rooks, CFC Ambassador for Business Sector

Don works with Business Partners to make sure their Charter website description and contact information are accurate, as well as communicating with Business Partners about Charter activities. His business experience includes human resources management and consulting, as well as several years in real estate. Don lives in the Los Angeles area where he enjoys biking and running at the beach.

nancybrayNancy Rushlow Bray, CEI Education Advisor 

Nancy is an enthusiastic and compassionate champion for the human spirit and contributes her success to her insatiable appetite to engage. Recognizing each person’s inherent worth and appreciating their individuality is her trademark. Nancy is an Emmy award-winning producer and recipient of several Clio Awards for excellence in advertising. She excels in her ability to combine business prowess and the creative experience. She began her career producing visual effects for the acclaimed PBS series Cosmos and continued on as the executive producer/producer for academy-award winner, Robert Blalack, (Star Wars) also becoming the studio’s vice-president of operations & business development. She has produced for such notable companies as Praxis Films, 20th Century Fox, and ABC as well as advertisers such as Coca-cola, Kodak, Panasonic, Chevrolet, and Toyota. Nancy lives in Orange County, CA.


IzzieSaenz22Isabel Saez, lead student volunteer

Isabel Saez is based in the Seattle, Washingtonarea and has just graduated high school. She will be attending the University of Arizona-Tucson. Isabel has been at the heart of helping train new student volunteers about the ins and outs of our website, teaching them how to post articles and do basic page design. Isabel learns new ways to become a compassionate person everyday!

Salaam SanaSalmaan Sana, Healthcare Sector European

Salmaan Sana has a background in being very active in several NGOs, leadership, social media, inspirational events and medicine. Due to him missing something in his medical education, very early on in his studies he became highly active in international student associations and had created a few foundations. One of them had to do with what he believes that which can really change healthcare, namely "Compassion for Care". Together with a few medical students he initiated a movement in finding ways of cultivating compassion in the current healthcare system. Currently he is running his own company bridging the offline and online worlds, president of Compassion for Care, an active member of a team organizing a Healthcare Leadership summerschool.

KarenSimmonTolsonjpgKaren Simms Tolson, CFC Ambassador for Education Sector

Karen is an educator with more than 30 years of experience in education, social justice program development, and community outreach. She has held several positions in the field of education including Equity Division Director with the Kentucky Department of Education, and has presented for numerous national and international conferences including the XXX Anniversary Congress of the International Academy of Law and Mental Health, Collège de Sorbonne. Karen currently works as an instructor for Indiana University Southeast. She is also a spiritual director and a graduate of the San Francisco Theological Seminary’s Spiritual Direction program. She believes that spiritual direction is a sacred trust that engages all people with a heart-centered focus.


Julia Travers, volunteer writer/editor

Julia Travers is a writer, artist, and teacher (explore her work here).  She focuses on creative and non-fiction writing, art education, and community volunteering.  She lives with her wonderful husband and two cats in Charlottesville, Virginia and is excited to be involved with the Charter for Compassion.


34203 1533884633801 6558611 aMarilyn Turkovich, director

Marilyn Turkovich started with the Charter for Compassion in 2013 as the education director and since that time has moved into a number of different roles with CFC. Marilyn's background has been primarily in higher education and most specifically in directing teacher training programs for the Associated Colleges of the Midwest, and chairing Columbia College-Chicago's master's program in multicultural and global education.  She has done a considerable amount of curriculum writing through the years, much of it related to international and cultural topics. She worked with Independent Broadcasting Associates on a series for airing on National Public Radio, BBC and the Australian Broadcasting organizations.  There was a period of time in the 1990s when she worked in organizational development and specialized in instructional design work, strategic planning and leadership development.  She also wrote and developed training on race and social justice initiatives.

Photo LRWLesa Walker, CFC Ambassador for Education Sector and lead volunteer for Compassion Games and Relays

Lesa Walker is based in Austin, Texas. She has over 30 years of experience as a public health physician working to ensure quality of care for children with disabilities and their families. Now, while continuing part-time work as a medical consultant, she devotes herself to engaging people in the practice of “3D” compassion (caring for others, self, and the Earth). She serves as an Education Program Associate for the Charter (developing partnerships; writing articles for in the Charter newsletters and website; facilitating conference calls; and contributing to the Charter Community Tool Box and organizational planning). She is Founder and Leader of Compassionate Austin, part of the Charter’s Compassionate Communities Campaign. She is on the Leadership Team of the Compassion Games International and created the Compassion Relays (part of the Compassion Games). Also, she has created the free Compassion Today! mobile app. Prior to her work with the Charter, she created the Idea4Idea website and the Olymp-i-a Challenge to motivate people to generate daily positive ideas and actions for peace, green-living, and health. These early efforts guided her to the Charter and inspire her commitment to the practice of “3D” compassion.

crw3816Charlene Williams, Membership Coordinator

I am 71 and retired. I am up early every day and off to the pool 5 days a week. I was an office manager/office accountant. My 91 year old mother lives with me and I assist her. Her mind and sense of humor are in great shape her body not so much. I take her to the senior center 4 days a week for friendship and lunch, once I bring her home I stay in so this volunteer opportunity fits my schedule perfectly. I have done various volunteer work over the years and always get more than I give.


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