Golden Rule


The creator and the copyright holder of the multifaith Golden Rule Poster is Paul McKenna. This poster has achieved international renown as an interfaith and educational resource. Below, you will find more information about the poster's international journey. 

Mr. McKenna has had this poster translated into several languages and decided to make the electronic versions of these posters available — free of charge — to educators like you. You are free to download, post and print (in volume) the poster in numerous languages.

Further down, you will find links to several free and teacher-friendly resources in world religions, golden rule and interfaith dialogue.

The Scarboro Missions multifaith Golden Rule Poster has gained international renown as an educational and interfaith resource. One of the contributing factors to this development is Ambassador Mussie Hailu, an internationally renowned activist in the fields of interfaith, human dignity, peace-building and the golden rule. Mussie is based in Ethiopia, is a trustee of the Charter for Compassion, and has produced a variation of the Scarboro Missions Golden Rule poster, circulating 2.5 million copies of the poster across Africa and around the world. The overwhelming majority of these posters are in English but a minority of them are in Amharic, the official language of Ethiopia. 
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