Golden Rule Day Performers

Shades of Yale

Thirty years ago, a group of black students came together at the pre-orientation program at Yale known as Cultural Connections to create a space on the campus of Yale University where their voices - and the music they loved - could be heard. Led by Titilayo Ngwenya, Shades has risen to become one of Yale's premiere a cappella groups since the group's inception in 1988. Our name in itself stands as a testament to our appreciation of diversity within the group as we celebrate the depth and complexity of  the black experience. 

As a non-profit co-educational a cappella group with humble roots, Shades has toured both domestically and internationally over the years, going as far as Costa Rica, Ireland, South Africa, Japan, and China! In addition, Shades has sang alongside black music icons such as Lenny Kravitz, Angelique Kidjo, and Sweet Honey in the Rock, and performed for  the late Nelson Mandela, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, and former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Envision Kindness

Co-founded by a father-and-son team. With the simple belief that the spotlight of the world’s attention should be shined on the positive events that occur every day; not just the negative events that we see far too often. Positive pictures and stories have the power to inspire, to connect and to heal, and they want to bring these directly to you. There’s so much good in the world, and we can all benefit from it.

Envision Kindness' mission is simple: to promote and inspire kindness, compassion, joy, and love in the pursuit of a happier, healthier, and more prosperous world for all. By doing so, they will reduce stress, promote positive interpersonal connection, and enhance mental and physical health.

Using strategies rooted in the humanities and behavioral science research, our unique blend of activities is intended to increase the presence of kindness, empathy, love, and compassion in peoples’ lives.

Kindness is not just another four-letter word. Although we constantly hear that kindness is important, and about the “Golden Rule,” it can be hard to put that into practical terms. We aim to do so by offering engaging programs and delivering moving content that depicts, describes or discusses kindness. We aim to make kindness tangible, measurable and most of all, more visible. Kindness is not an abstract concept or lofty ideal—it is something we are all capable of practicing and worthy of receiving. Research suggests that exposure to our programs and content will make you feel happier and more connected to the world around you, with less stress and better health.

Life Vest Inside

Life Vest Inside is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring, empowering and educating people of all backgrounds to lead a life of kindness.

Back in 2010, Life Vest Inside founder created Kindness Boomerang, showing how one kind choice leads to another. The film went viral reaching over 100 million people globally. With that the Kindness Revolution began!

Life Vest Inside is a perfect testament to the fact that one person can truly spark positive change far beyond their own reach. It all grew out of Middle School educator, Orly Wahba’s childhood dream to bring the world together through the power of kindness.

Kindness is linked to health and happiness. Did you know? Kindness stimulates the production of serotonin. Serotonin heals your wounds, calms you down, and makes you happy!

Service Space

ServiceSpace is an organization run entirely by volunteers. We leverage technology to encourage everyday people around the world to do small acts of service. Our aim is to ignite the fundamental generosity in ourselves and others, creating both inner and outer transformation.

ServiceSpace was conceived by volunteers, was built by volunteers, and is run by volunteers -- all for the benefit of volunteers. Our projects range from a daily positive news service, to an acts-of-kindness portal, to a gift-economy restaurant. Regardless of the endeavor, we act in concert to create service opportunities for each other and to support each other's service journeys.

In September of 2011, we formally changed our name from CharityFocus to ServiceSpace. Founded in 1999, ServiceSpace was originally started to help non-profits with technical services. Over the last couple decades, the organization has become an umbrella for many generosity-driven projects. Thus we have expanded our services from focusing just on helping charities, to encouraging everyday people to contribute in meaningful ways to the world around them. As the name suggests, our new expanded ServiceSpace platform allows people to stay connected with others interested in service, participate in service opportunities through any of our dozen projects, organize their own local service event using our tools, and stay connected to inspirational content. Above all, we believe in the inherent generosity of others and aim to ignite that spirit of service. Through our small, collective acts, we hope to transform ourselves and the world.

One Voice Children's Choir

One Voice Children’s Choir is comprised of children ages four through eighteen living along the Wasatch Front in the United States. One Voice Children's Choir began at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. Since then One Voice Children's Choir has grown into a unique force in the entertainment world: Quarter-finalist on NBC's America's Got Talent Season 9, performing at the White House, touring in a number of countries and across the United States and most recently hitting number one on the Billboard Kid Album chart. With over 4 million subscribers on YouTube One Voice Children's Choir has become a household name for dynamic original arrangements of popular music. The group’s music has been picked up by HBO, Nickelodeon, Netflix, The Today Show, PBS, and radio stations and playlists around the world. One Voice Children’s Choir is part of One Voice Children 501c3, a nonprofit organization with a mission to inspire the world through the power of children’s voices. 


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