Happy Peaks

Happy Peaks


Happy Peaks is a core child skills development and parent mentoring platform. It enables children learn core life skills through parents which would help them succeed in all aspects of life: academic, emotional, social and moral.

Just give it a thought!!

When was the last time you saw a child
• Getting aside when an elderly passes by
• Vacating a seat for a pregnant woman or elderly
• Offering help to a neighbor if he/she carries many bags or heavy load
• Not being confrontational if any relative corrects him/her
• Reading value based stories
• Listening to parents without arguing
• Being without a gadget for more than an hour
• Wishing a known or unknown at a social gathering
• Helping parents at household and market works
• Be totally stress free about studies and still excelwonderfully well

What’s even worse?

The world which we live in is full of conflicts and violence, corruption, dysfunctional families, commercialization, hyper competition, distortion in the value system, growing insecurities and much more.

Happy Peaks is an endeavor to make the world a better place by shaping the lives of children through teaching them how to learn, the importance of having a growth mindset, learning from mistakes, the role of observation skills in life, time management, how to deal with anger, hurt and failure, developing flexibility, empathy, gratitude, assertiveness and a multiple other values.

We also make children aware about how important it is to be honest, respect privacy, be caring, be compassionate, be fair, responsible and most importantly how to live in the present moment.

Location: Mumbai, MM, INDIA



About Us

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