Healing Families Initiative


At Healing Families Initiative, we believe in the power of the family unit and the driving force of its individuals. We offer classes that will strengthen the family bond and empower individuals to heal from within and grow to their full potential.

It is through self-care and empathy for ourselves and of others that keep us whole and vibrant.  However, many of us were never given the instruction manual on how to practice self-care or empathy.  What about the instruction manual for being a parent?!?  When was that given out?!

Well, friends, you are in luck because we have such manuals!  Well...we have a starting place anyway.  Our classes, workshops and events will take any parent, any family, any friend on a journey that will lead you to wonderful insights into yourself, your relationships, your families and your culture(s).  With years of evidence supporting our curriculum, we can guarantee you will learn something you can take with you no matter how long you've been at this thing called Life.

Location: Richardson, TX, USA



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