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Ferndale Community Foundation

Ferndale, MI, USA

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Ferndale Community Foundation (Ferndale, MI, USA)

What We Do

Our mission is to promote growth locally within the city of Ferndale. We believe that Ferndale is an outstanding community and we’ve made the commitment by taking an active role in improving it.

The Ferndale Community Foundation has enabled many groups to develop and complete projects that enrich the lives of Ferndale residents. Over the past 9 years we’ve contributed over $45,000 to projects such as providing start-up assistance to FernCare (a local free clinic for the uninsured), and Ferndale Youth Assistance (making the transition into high school a more positive experience for our youth), funded various art projects to beautify our city, as well as funding the acquisition of a Biotech Lab for the High School. For a complete list of our charitable giving, please check out our Grants page.

We believe that through these activities we’ve contributed to the growth of Ferndale, by making it a great place to live, do business, and enjoy an enhanced quality of life in southeast Michigan.


Mission Statement

The Ferndale Community Foundation will serve the people who live and work in Ferndale by providing charitable contributions and leadership in building community partnerships to promote growth in the areas of health, culture, education, the arts and other human services.



Ferndale, Michigan, USA



Facebook page: Ferndale Community Foundation



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