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Karuna Mindfulness

Stillorgan, Ireland

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Karuna Mindfulness (Stillorgan, Ireland)

Mindfulness and Mindful Self-Compassion courses run in Dublin and Ireland



To provide trainings in mindfulness and in mindful self-compassion in Dublin and Ireland


Company Overview

To promote mindfulness and self-compassion in the community of Dublin and Ireland



MBSR means Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and is the official name of this highly successful course developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn and others.

It has over thirty years of clinical trials behind it, showing its scientifically proven results in many areas iincluding the prevention of depression relapse. It has been proven to be of great help for Low Mood and Stress in general, which has been shown to be the cause of most ailments in todays way of living.


General Information

Louis Heath is the main teacher/facilitator for the MBSR courses, days of mindfulness, support group etc.

Louis can be contacted on 086 8256823 or by sending a message through Facebook or visiting his website

Mindfulness has almost become a buzzword in general conversation, it is used more and more in common language as being mindful of this or mindful of that. You may know that mindfulness is not new, it goes back about two and a half thousand years. It is about living in the here and now which of course has become synonymous with a healthy sort of lifestyle through not being caught up in thoughts about past events, real or imagined and future projections, which are all imagined.

Mindfulness however is more than just living in the here and now, it is here and now living together with certain attitudes.

The attitudes are essential to taking here and now living into a different way of being that can transform a person's way of looking at and living in the world in a happier and more peaceful way.

Mindfulness gets us in touch with an inner wealth that is independent from outer factors that can contribute to building stress in our lives. The attitudes, such as kindness, non-judgement etc., are ones that build self-compassion within (karuna is the sanskrit word for compassion and sanskrit is said to have been the root language for old Irish)

Stress of course is unavoidable, life presents us with many challenges, but we don't have to be thrown around by these challenges or become immersed and swept into the turmoil of them.

Scientific clinical studies ranging over thirty years have shown the practice of mindfulness to have beneficial effects on how we handle stressful situations showing it can have lasting results. 

The mindfulness courses offered here are secular and have been developed out of the clinical studies mentioned, combining the ancient art of mindfulness with the benefits of scientific research.  



Dublin, Ireland



Facebook page: Karuna Mindfulness



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