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Mind Body Studio

Lexington, KY, USA

M-S Partners

Mind Body Studio (Lexington, KY, USA)

The Mind Body Studio is dedicated to your self-care, helping you learn to mobilize your own inner resources to promote health, prevent disease and heal physical and psychological conditions.

Informed, empowered self-care is the heart of individual wellness, good medicine, public health and human resource management.

We use shared decision-making and therapeutic partnerships to create unique, personalized self-care prescriptions reflecting each person’s individuality.

Our group classes provide a supportive environment in which to learn a variety of mind body skills for immediate use in daily life, at work and in relationships.

We take an integrative approach, combining conventional Western biomedicine with safe, effective complementary approaches.

Research shows this ‘new medicine’ can lower health care costs to individuals and businesses. It also offers therapeutic and self-healing options that people find more personally meaningful and consistent with their values and beliefs.



Lexington, KY, USA



Mind Body Studio



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