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River's Edge Arts Alliance

Hudson, MA, USA

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River's Edge Arts Alliance (Hudson, MA, USA)

The River's Edge Arts Alliance is a community arts organization whose mission is "to enrich lives and create community through the arts". Our focus this season is to help ALL community members to be able to engage in the arts without limitation. We are hosting a "Season of Compassion" this year to reach out to ALL by expanding our methods, performance and exhibit types, to engage others. We also will be partnering with other non-profit organizations to help them raise awareness and funds to help their cause, through the arts. We are giving back to all who have supported us in the past and focusing on the following: Social Acceptance, Substance Abuse, Health and Wellness, Bullying, Environmental and Wildlife, and Hunger and Homelessness. Our art exhibits, concerts, plays, musicals and events will focus on helping these issues by creating social awareness through the arts. We hope to show how the arts are woven into every living human being and how the arts can help to ease the suffering of humanity.



Hudson, Massachusetts, USA



Facebook page: River's Edge Arts Alliance


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