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The Great Compassion March

N. Tustin, CA, USA

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The Great Compassion March (N. Tustin, CA, USA)


Imagine, Marching for Compassion - filling the streets for miles in major cities worldwide, pouring into a festival concert.

Because Now is the Time to face the root causes of cruelty, abuse, and suffering... the absence of compassion.

Our spirit is the unrelenting driving force for The Great Compassion March. This spirit will be captured in a magnificent documentary film for social advancement.

The Great Compassion March will rival Martin Luther King, Jr’s march for civil rights and Gandhi’s Salt March for Independence. The oppression of Compassion has created a world of violence, reaching a breaking point.

So, we March in solidarity, to an ideal bigger than any institution or world government.

We the People are Standing Together!


Join Our Mission to instill Compassion into the fabric of our societies by lighting each heart; that will illuminate others, so all can see. Each of us can become the Light we seek.

This event is being produced into a viral documentary film to unite the movement. You will be inspired to see the dedication of mass volunteers and Marchers. You will see amazing lives unfold on their journey emotionally, physically, and spiritually because of compassion. Let us unite the diversity of compassion in every corner of the planet.

This act of compassion is for all sentient beings; one another, the animals, and Mother Earth.

This March will be inclusive of all major religions, ethnicities, political, and economic populations. Help us, make this the largest collective demonstration in history. To understand Compassion, we must be able to see the connection between all life, for our survival.

Even if only in spirit: Cesar Chavez, Mother Teresa, Saint Francis and every famous compassionate heart will be marching with us.

Never doubt that your heart, hands, and feet are tools for compassion. Lend them Now for The Great Compassion March - Sunday September 17, 2017. Sign-in at Please share and spread this website;

Compassion is the Bridge that Connects Humanity. March and connect with us!



N Tustin, CA, USA



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