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Wright Mind - Well-being Consultants

Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand

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Wright Mind - Well-being Consultants (Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand)

Embedding health and well-being at the heart of your business.


Business consultants specialising in creating a business culture based around productivity, well-being and happiness.


Charitable Purpose -

To promote well-being and positive actions that empower our local communities. All actions of this organisation will be guided by this charitable purpose.


Our Values

Compassion - actively listening to others thoughts and feelings, being kind, and finding empathetic ways to support individuals and each other to achieve positive outcomes.

Responsibility - initiating ways of working that dignify everyone at the same time as holding self and others accountable for actions and attitudes in relation to our shared purpose and values.

Curiosity - feeling energised by discovering new insights, learning, finding answers to questions and wondering at the world.

Creativity - capacity and ingenuity to respond appropriately to seize opportunities without needing to be directed or instructed by others.

Flourishing - creating the conditions for thriving that reflect aspirations, remove barriers to connection and ensure people choose their own way forward.


Our Mission

To provide sustainable well-being networks in the community for all people, community organisations and corporate groups with a focus towards empowerment and engagement:

  • Engaging with community, corporate and government who promote or wish to promote well-being for all. 
  • Providing coaching and training for business and community leaders. 
  • Working with businesses to enhance well-being and employee engagement. 
  • Consulting on community projects that enhance happiness and well-being. 
  • Encouraging corporate responsibility in the community so that to enhance well-being. 
  • Facilitating corporate and community partnership agreements in the interest of overall well-being. 
  • Working alongside Government agencies both local and central branches.  




Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand



Wright Mind

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