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“Joined at the Heart”, 2-man painting by Robert Allen & Kevin Miller, signed Allen Miller


Man as half patient and half doctor by Matt Kenyon

Confronting and Improving Healthcare Practices

Mesothelioma Risk Factors

6 Ways Communities Put Health First

A Caring Touch for Healthcare

Connecting with Patients: The Basic Ingredient of Care

The Best Medicine--Compassion in Care from Holland

Empathy in Health Care

Patient Empathy

How to Tell Meaningful Healthcare Stories

Medicine’s Search for Meaning

Cultivating Compassionate Presence by Kirsten DeLeo

Across Forbidden Border, Doctors in Israel Quietly Tend to Syria’s Wounded

Actors Help Doctors Learn to Convey Empathy

Atul Gawande: How do we Heal Medicine?

The Burundian Paul Farmer is Seattle's Latest Global Health Hero

The Greatest Gift

Urban Gynecology Delivered With Compassion

What Does Compassion Sound Like?

Ways to Revive Healthcare Content & Engage More Readers

When Doctors have Compassion Fatigue

Who Will Heal the Doctors?

Why Compassion Is So Important In Health Care (And What It Looks Like)

Why Doctors Should Be More Empathetic--But Not Too Much More

Why Your Health Is Bigger Than Your Body

‘Spiritual’ Interventions in a General Practice Setting

Amazing Grace: How Unconditional Forgiveness Assists Recovery

How to Fight Discouragement and Win

The 3rd International Symposium on Healthcare Communication

The 7 Indisputable Keys To Good Health

Re-humanizing Healthcare: Dr. Robin Youngson on Compassionate, Integrated, Healing Healthcare

Kelly McGonigal: How to Make Stress your Friend

Peter Attia: Is the Obesity Crisis Hiding a Bigger Problem?

Jared Diamond: How Societies can Grow Old Better

Just One Thing: Admit Fault and Move On

Just One Thing: Embrace Fragility

Just One Thing: Find Your North Star

Just One Thing: Have Compassion For Yourself

Just One Thing: Relax—You’re Going to be Criticized

Just One Thing: Accept Difficulty

Seattleites, Stop Ignoring your Neighbors

10 Things That Real Friends Do

AIDS/LifeCycle Riders Launch Global Initiative

Andy Bradley – Closing the Compassion Gap

Am I Operating on Your Pain or Anxiety?

Global Compassion Council Member, Dr. Robin Youngson's TED Talk

A Letter to the Doctors and Nurses Who Cared for My Wife

Champion for Compassion Receives NZMA Chair’s Award

The Nobility of the Human Spirit

Practising Compassion in an Uncompassionate Health System

U.S. Is Many Different Communities When it Comes to Health

Does Taking Time For Compassion Make Doctors Better At Their Jobs?


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Defining and Understanding Compassion

What Makes a Compassionate Man?

Cynical about Compassion

Heal Your Brain

Being Compassionate is Good you…

The Brain Can be Trained in Compassion

The Compassion Gap

The Lasting Impacts of Poverty on the Brain

The Law of Least Effort

The Neurobiology of “We” Relationship is the Flow of Energy and Information Between People, Essential in our Development

Can Science Show Us Secrets Of Making Better Decisions?

Social Scientists Build Case for 'Survival of the Kindest'

3D Compassion

The New Science of Mind

The Neuroscience of Why Gratitude Makes Us Healthier

Evolution of Compassion

Why Do Human Beings Do Good Things? The Puzzle of Altruism

Why We Are Wired to Connect

Top 10 Scientific Benefits of Compassion

Compassion Can Be Cultivated In The Brain, Study Finds

Ancient Bones That Tell a Story of Compassion

What Does Science Teach Us About Well-Being?

Don’t Fear Death, Rather Plan for It

How to Actually Accomplish Those Goals You're Setting

How to Love: Legendary Zen Buddhist Teacher Thich Nhat Hanh on Mastering the Art of “Interbeing”

Is Compassion Still Necessary?

March 28, 1941: Virginia Woolf's Suicide Letter

Pain is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional

Reasons Why Empathy is Important in a Relationship

The Role of Empathy in Healthcare: Real Balance Global Wellness Services

Steven Pinker on the Mind as a System of ‘Organs of Computation’

The South African Version Of 'Sesame Street' Is Different In One Eye-Opening Way

Woman Dies After Farewell to Horse at Wigan Hospital

Shaikh Abdullah Shaves Head to Support Children with Cancer

An Open Letter to Everyone Being Negative Around Me

Gifts of a Life Span an Ocean and Cultures

Compassion Can Drive Aggression

Our Greatest Enemy isn't What you Think

Devin Kohlman, Ohio Boy Who Came Home for Early Christmas, Dies

Compassion: Universally Misunderstood

Our Brains Are Hardwired For Compassion

Are We Becoming Less Compassionate, Less Fully Human?


Successful Education Models and Organizations

The World Mural 16x24 feet original was collaboratively created by child artists from 50 counties on the National Mall in Washington DC. Mural creation is a peace educational component of the international children’s celebration organized every four years by the International Child Art Foundation. The mural, symbolic of collaborative creativity of the world’s children, depicts their visions of the world in the new millennium.

The "successful models" that are offered in this section are not recommended as the be-all-and-end-all of educational reform.  Indeed some of the programs presented, the Khan Academy for one, have been criticized as being the "same old, same old," dressed in new clothing.  This is probably a great exaggeration since the Khan Academy has done something unusual, in fact, something incredible, by "flipping" how we approach the process of education instruction.  This in itself is something to think about. It has also given the world thousands of videos that students are willing to explore.  Perhaps they are just a new and different approach to classroom presentation, but for some they are working--and this gets to the crux of the matter: are we going to find one approach to having a successful education system?  Probably not.

Some of these programs presented here are supplemental to already "packed" school requirements, others can be worked into state, national and international standards, and at least one is a pre-school program. Nonetheless, models here are presented as ideas that help us level the playing field, show students how to teach one another, reintroduce civic responsibility, and most importantly allow for them to explore their own emotions, by understanding how to relate compassionately to others and the world with dignity and respect.

How to Make Kindness The Foundation of School Culture

The Child-Driven Education

Community of Mindful Parents

The Skill of Listening

Fearless Changemaker

How do we raise critical thinkers?

The Edible School Yard Project

Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

Empathy and Compassion in Society

Greater Good Science Center

Mind with Heart

Project Happiness

Puget Sound Community School

Roots of Empathy/Racines d l'empathie

The No Bully System

The One World School House: Education Re-imaged-Salman Khan

'World Peace Game' Teaches Kids Cooperation, Compassion

Establishing a Culture of "Can" in Your Classroom

How Homework Works in Finland

Lacey, Washington: Compassionate Schools in a Compassionate Community

Youth Ambassador's Overview of Introduction to Teaching

Bunscoil an Iúir: Reading, writing and relaxation

Gaining Emotional Strength

15 Things That Emotionally Strong People Don’t Do

20 Ways Gratitude Improves Productivity

28 Ways to be Kinder, Gentler & More Compassionate

Start Living More As Your Future Self

Are You Getting Enough Positivity in Your Life

Calm Down, You Can Literally Worry Yourself Sick

Habits of Highly Grateful People

Holistic Self-Help Tools That Work

The Science of Older and Wiser

5 Ways to Cope with Family Conflict

Bully Calls News Anchor Fat, News Anchor Calls for Compassion

Can Gratitude Help You Thrive?

Changing Mindsets is Key to Preventing Social and Environmental Disaster

Compassion Fatigue: Identifying Stressors and Satisfiers

Compassion Fatigue: Then and Now

Compassion Made Easy

Compassion in Leadership Pays off - More Than you Think

Compassion, Respect and Dignity Must be at the Heart of Social Care Practice

Connecting With People: The Positive Effects Of Bonding With Absolutely Anyone

Creating Allies for a Healthy World

Developing Emotional Resilience

Do Something You Love Today

Exposing Compassion Fatigue

Forget Survival of the Fittest: It Is Kindness That Counts

Helping Kids Cope with Death

How Does Meditation Change the Brain?

How Emotionally Intelligent Are You? Here's How To Tell

How Rejection Can Make You Happier and Healthier

How The Stress Of Disaster Brings People Together

How To Stay Sane: The Art of Revising Your Inner Storytelling

How an Obese Town Lost a Million Pounds

How to Improve Your Outlook and Your Health

How to Improve Your Self-Esteem

How to be There for Someone in Need

Instinct for Compassion

It's So Cool!

It’s Compassion – Not Amenities – that Makes Health care Work

Loneliness is Killing us – We Must Start Treating this Disease

Manipulative and Empathetic People Both Adept at Reading Emotions

Ma’am, Your Burger Has Been Paid For

NHS: Marrying Compassion with Competition

Open Hearts: Is Compassion Something you can Teach?

Our Bodies: A Delicate Balance of Opposing Forces

Practices to Heal a Heart

Reducing the Compassion Deficit One Heart at a Time

Reflections: Good Communication Requires True Empathy

Researchers Discover Surprising Complexities in the Way the Brain Makes Mental Maps

Reviving Compassion

Seven Keys to a Good Death

Malvika Lyer's Amazing Story of Grit!

Six Habits of Highly Grateful People

Social Connection Makes a Better Brain

Tap Into the Power of Intention

The Best Kept Secret to Longevity: Love

The Biology of Joy

The Dynamics of Flow State

The Five Best Ways to Build Resiliency

Trauma Resilience Can Be Taught! Here’s How

6 Steps Toward Resilience & Greater Happiness

The Meaningful Life is a Road Worth Traveling

What the Psychology of Suicide Prevention Teaches Us About Controlling Our Everyday Worries

Naming the Snake: How to Recognize the Signs of a Creativity Perverse (Depression) and What Meditation and Compassion Can Do About It

Build Better Relationships

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