Holding Space: An Introduction to the Art & Practices


Start Date: September 26, 2022
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Duration: 4 weeks

Facilitator: Rachael Starr Bruck, MA, LMHC
Registration: Opens early September

Zoom: Zoom sessions will be on Mondays at 12PM (noon) Eastern, 9AM Pacific, 5PM UK: Sept. 26, October 3, 10, and 17. The lessons are interactive, so participation is highly encouraged, but they will also be recorded and shared with those who cannot attend in person.  The sessions will be supported by reading material and other resources.
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About the Course

A held space is a container of possibility, healing, and transformative growth. Born of the expansiveness of your personal presence, holding space has application and value in leadership, facilitation, coaching, therapy, teaching, parenting, community building and an array of other contexts.

Now more than ever before, with so many living on the edge and with so much divisiveness in our societies, people are needing and seeking out safe, non-judgmental spaces to process their feelings and experiences as they navigate unprecedented change. Sometimes people feel disconnected and powerless in the face of it all. However, the truth is they are not helpless, but powerful beyond measure. It is just that they have lost connection with their innate wellspring of capacity, resourcefulness and knowing deep within themselves. 

People who have developed a capacity to hold space are better able to live from a trusting, heart-centered place (vs. doubt and fear), destress, support healing, relate to others, and create authentic community. The ability to hold space for yourself and for others has never been more urgent.

Holding Space: An Introduction to the Art and Practices is an exploration into the essential value of holding space and its capacity to support people to connect more deeply to their own inner resourcefulness and wisdom.

If you currently work – or desire to work - with people and groups who are facing challenges and struggles, or whose lives are unstable and uncertain, this course will support your understanding of how to create and nurture safe, energetically rich spaces of deep allowing and trust; spaces that empower people to find their own answers and truths and become empowered to hold whatever they look upon or experience with greater compassion and acceptance.

Even if today you don’t have a clear idea of how to use this capacity, the course will help you identify where in your life you can apply your newfound understanding. It will also help you improve relationships and connections with all the people around you, and support your personal growth.

The course includes:

  • Four live-interactive Zoom sessions
  • Engaging readings, self-reflective writing prompts, and additional resources for deeper inquiry
  • Easeful weekly assignments to support practice and integration of the concepts learned in class
  • A facilitator who will respond to questions and comments over the duration of the course
  • Access to like-minded, heart-centered people from all over the world

The course format is a blend of mini-lectures, activities, discussion questions and breakout groups that invite participants to deepen their own awareness, hone their intuition, release personal agendas (that get in the way of holding space) and increase their confidence in their capacity to do this work.

Course Learning Goals

  • Understand what holding space is and its essential value
  • Explore the roles and responsibilities of the space holder
  • Learn how to expand the power of your presence
  • Develop your intuition and the ability to sense in the moment what is needed
  • Grow beyond a problem-solving mindset when working with personal challenges
  • Become aware of your hidden agendas and how those influence a held space
  • Expand your ability to be with another person’s pain or emotions (without needing to ‘fix it’)
  • Create deeper awareness of and confidence in your capacity to do this work
  • Identifying where in your personal or professional life can you practice holding space

The content included in this 4-week course integrates the work of Leon VanderPol, founder the Center for Transformational Coaching and author of A Shift in Being. This approach to holding space integrates spirituality, psychology, healing arts, and coaching , and is experiential in nature.

Week 1: Holding Space–Value and Application in Today’s World

Week 2: The Role of the Space Holder

Week 3: First Yourself, Then Others

Week 4: Turning Wisdom into Action

About the Course Creator and Facilitator

Rachael Starr BruckRachael Starr Bruck is a licensed mental health counselor, Deep Transformational Coach, teacher and mentor.  With over 15 years of holding space experience, Rachael loves supporting practitioners from a range of learning and development fields to create powerful, safe containers that shift consciousness and awaken healing at the deepest level.

Born and raised in California to two spiritual parents, Rachael has been on a metamorphic quest of self-discovery and deep healing from a young age. She understands from personal experience that all healing is self-healing, and that true connection and belonging begin when we allow all aspects of ourselves to be present, heard and loved.

Rachael is based in Santa Fe, NM and has a private coaching and counseling practice in addition to teaching and mentoring clients the world over.

To learn more about and connect with Rachael, visit rachaelstarrbruck.com.

You can also listen to her podcast interview: Holding Space for Self and Others



Getting in touch with my inner being

This course gave me a unique experience to get in touch with my inner being and connect to my heart. By allowing myself to join, I gave myself an opportunity to experience the richness of myself and life. When I learned to hold a space, I connected deeply from within and expanded the inner capacity to hold space for others.  – Areeya M., Thailand

Exploring the healing I need to do

The course was a safe space for me to explore the healing I need to do, and I feel ready and equipped to look at things I have been stuffing deep inside for years (and years). It was a wonderful experience!"  – ​Laura L., England

Being of service to others

Holding space is truly being of service to each other, something that we all can do with willingness and an open heart.  – ​Jennifer R., USA

A safe and inspiring space

Rachael is a wonderful guide, leader, and presented the material with such grace and fluidity. She leads by example and is able to hold space for each of us. I'm very much inspired by her and hope to work with her again!  – Meredith H., USA


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