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Home CEO Academy is a team of women who create preschool curriculum products and adult productivity courses for Chief Education Officers at home. We are a social enterprise and distribute 100% of our profits monthly to over 30 humanitarian organizations.

The mission of our Home CEO preschool homeschool products is to help children become confident, caring people, prepared for kindergarten both academically and emotionally and to help parent teachers feel organized, confident and successful implementing their home education with their children in the early years, which are the most crucial for brain development.

Our Age 2-3 and Age 4 Complete Year Preschool Homeschool Curriculum products are used nationwide in both homeschools and traditional classrooms and in four countries.

Our products are designed to simplify the homeschooling process and make it fun and educational for both parents and children alike. Our products completely organize the preschool homeschooling process for parent teachers by providing easy to follow lesson plans and supporting materials that are simple and straightforward. Our classroom decor and organizational elements tie the whole preschool homeschool together and therefore are perfect for new homeschools.

Our products rely on some outside material, such as books and basic art supplies. There are optional Montessori elements in the Age 2-3 curriculum that require some Montessori resources. However, many of these materials, should you choose to implement this portion, can be made DIY.

We create our lesson plans with relative ease in mind and most items can be found at your local library or are already in your home.

All Profits to Charity

Home CEO, Inc. is a social enterprise distributing 100% of profits from our various business platforms to over 30 humanitarian organizations each month.

Location: Lutz, FL, USA


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