Housing is a Human Right


Webinar Schedule:

July 26  Welcome to “Housing is a Human Right” – Overview of all six groups 

Aug.  2  Amber Fogarty of Community First Village in Austin, Texas

Aug.  9  Dan Bryant of SquareOne Villages in Eugene, Cottage Grove, and Springfield, Oregon 

Aug. 16  Tim Stay, Joseph Grenny of The Other Side Village in Salt Lake City, Utah

Aug. 23  Nate Schlueter of Eden Village in ten cities in nine states

Aug. 30  María Fernanda of Techo in Monterrey, Mexico

Sept.  6  TBA




Even though Housing is a Human Right(as declared by the United Nations), there are people experiencing homelessness in nearly every country in the world. Some countries, like Poland and Portugal, have numbers on the lower end of the spectrum, while in Pakistan, Syria and Yemen huge numbers of people are without houses. The reasons for these housing crises vary: war; extreme poverty;natural disasters; a shortage of existing housing; government inaction, etc. But the end result is the same: People sleeping in the streets, living in tents or makeshift shacks, without access to safe, secure and affordable housing.

Many people, as well as communities, have said that they want solutions and are stepping up to make changes. We are excited to provide a seven-part webinar series with their suggested solutions to the housing crisis.They are experimenting with tiny/micro homes, cottages, 3-D printed homes, and trailers. Join us to learn more about these different models.

In our Housing is a Human Right webinar series, six groups will share their model, methods, struggles, and program successes. They will share how their communities and volunteers are working with them to address homelessness in their cities.

The first session of this webinar series is an introductory gathering. Someone from each group will give a quick synopsis of their project, its location, and why they chose the model they use. In the five webinars that follow, eachgroup will have an hour to go in-depth sharing their experience.


Starting on July 26, join us every Tuesday, at 8:00 am PDT, for seven weeks to learn more about these organizations, their methods of strengthening their communities, and their solutions to help people get off the streets and into housing.




About the organizations and their websites:


Week 1: Everyone gathers from the six groups listed below to give a brief presentation on their programs and answer questions posed by attendees.

Week 2: Community First Village in Texas, USA 
Mission:We provide food and clothing, cultivate community and promote dignity to our homeless brothers and sisters in need.
Website: https://mlf.org/community-first/

Week 3: SquareOne Villages in Oregon, USA 
Mission: Creating democratic communities with homes that are permanently affordable and environmentally sustainable. 
Website: https://www.squareonevillages.org/

Week 4: The Other Side Village in Utah, USA 
Mission: The Other Side Village is a master-planned neighborhood that provides affordable, permanent quality housing for people coming out of chronic homelessness
Website: https://theothersidevillage.com/

Week 5: Eden Village in ten cities, in nine states.
Tagline: No One Sleeps Outside

Website: https://edenvillageusa.org/

Week 6: Techo in Mexico - in seven regions/places in Mexico, plus Haiti
About: TECHO is an organization present in 19 countries in Latin America, which seeks to overcome the situation of poverty experienced by millions of people in popular settlements, through the joint action of its inhabitants and young volunteers. 
Website: https://mexico.techo.org/por-que-existimos/#

Week 7: TBA

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