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Participating communities by Charter for Compassion

Compassionate Houston is a collaborative, humanitarian organization formed by Houstonians to celebrate and nurture the compassionate culture in Greater Houston.

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Compassionate Houston began with a global vision for a better, more compassionate world calling all men and women and children to commit to a set of core values:

  • to treat all others as we wish to be treated
  • to work to alleviate the suffering of others
  • to refrain consistently from inflicting harm
  • to respect other points of view

This vision, as stated in The Charter for Compassion, attracted the attention of a group of Houstonians. They began by committing to concrete acts of compassion in their personal lives and in the communities to which they belonged. This led to the question, “What would it take to make Houston a more Compassionate City?” Seeds were planted for building a network of individuals and organizations throughout Houston to foster compassion as a “clear, luminous, and dynamic force in our polarized world.”

Participating communities by Charter for Compassion

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