How to Cope with Transition

    Transition Tips | June 2020

    How to cope with a transition.

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    We’re in a transition now.

    And a transition can be messy. Scary. Turbulent.

    During the past months, some of you may have experienced fear, outrage, trauma – and maybe more.

    Rather than list what’s wrong, let’s consider how to make this a constructive time.

    First, decide that you will survive. So align your thoughts and expectations with being a survivor.


    And then, use your time to:

    1) Expand Kindness.

    The best way to reduce pain is to practice kindness toward others.

    This connects you with humanity. And that provides a foundation for feeling safe.

    So find ways to be kind.

    You could, for example, simply wave a smile at others when you’re out walking. You could focus on being kind to those who are near you. And you could even start a kindness project.

    For example, you could cook food that you donate to a shelter, sew clothing for others, compose inspiring music that you post. So imagine possibilities. And then think in terms of “Yes!” (that is, in terms of what you can do).

    For example, you could volunteer to help organizations that are working to make the world better for everyone.

    In general, find ways to be kind that fit what you enjoy doing.

    2) Enhance relationships.

    Spend time with others, talk on the phone, and write letters.

    When you talk, just use the time to share ideas, offer praise, and give support.

    Most of all, listen.

    3) Explore options.

    Every transition results in change. So it’s unlikely that we will go back to what was considered “normal.”

    Much has already changed. And more will change.

    So use this time to reflect on how you are changing. And then identify changes that you can make to accommodate the next “normal.” Writing in a journal (or even on a pad of paper) helps capture your thoughts.


    Be well and stay safe,

    Steve Kaye

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