Compassionate Action Steps for Non-Muslims

Compassionate Action Steps for Non-Muslims


Compassionate Action Steps for Non-Muslims

The range can be from a simple act such as:

  1. Joining Muslims in press releases and press conferences
  2. When you directly or overhear an Islamophobic comment, respond with patience and tolerance and ask, “Do you know a Muslim personally?” Then, and/or invite them to join you on a visit to a mosque or to have tea with a muslim friend so they can explore their fear or opinions with personal experience.
  3. Speaking with media and to assure that different voices are heard.
  4. Be active on social media and provide support which includes sharing positive stories.
  5. Joining a Muslim friend and going to a mosque or inviting them to speak at other places of worship.
  6. Call or Walk into a mosque and ask the Imam or office staff if you could sit down and talk, showing your support.
  7. Smiling at Muslims.
  8. Calling Muslim friends and family and letting know one cares.

More Involved:

  1. Convene a community dialogue with a facilitator (includes circle principles and rules for dialogue).
  2. Contact the local mosque, synagogue, church, interfaith group (s) Human Relations Commission, University Student Affairs Department to explore ways to sponsor lectures, gatherings and discussions.
  3. Arrange a follow up service community-wide project.
  4. Host a dinner party inviting a Muslim (be sure to inquire about dietary sensitivities) and invite friends who may not necessarily seek out a Muslim.
  5. Host a screening of a documentary that promotes interfaith peace (On Common Grounds etc.).
  6. Find out what service project the local mosque supports and show your support.

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