In a gentle way, you can shake the world

In a gentle way, you can shake the world

It was Mahatma Gandhi who told us that "in a gentle way, each of us have the capacity to shake the world." We are seeing all over the globe that people are making their voices heard.  Often we might not agree with the messages, but don't we as peacemakers have an obligation to listen carefully to what is being said? Is our goal not to respect the right of free speech, to enter into conversation, to resist with respect and caring? Do we not have a bottom line to refer back to as we protest and forge a new path? All sacred texts point to the Golden Rule as a guide for our actions.  We have a number of good articles and illustrations on the Golden Rule on our website. A few weeks back during one of our webinar's, the U.S. Civil Rights leader, C.T. Vivian, told us to find our passion, set our goals and work to achieve them. We are definitely in a struggle and as the theologian activist Harvey Cox once told us: "Not to decide, is to decide." If we want equitable and just change, I'm up to taking on C.T. Vivian's challenge.  Over the next few weeks the Charter is dedicating time to people who are and have decided to take a stand.  Join us in a number of these important webinars.

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February 12, 8 a.m., PT.  Register here. Grandmother Flordemayo will be joined by Icasiano Hilda Barr, medicine woman of prayer and ordained minister. This is the second call in a series of calls featuring Grandmother Flordemayor. Some have asked if it matters if you missed the first call. The answer is NO!  These calls are intended to elevate and bring awareness to the rising of the divine feminine according to the teaching of the Mayan calendar and are not sequential.

February 13, 8 a.m., PT.  Register here. Inspire 365: A Journey Through the Black Experience. This program is the final installment in our 40 Days of Peace honoring Martin Luther King and the Black Experience. The moderator for this presentation is Raven Cook.

February 22, 9 a.m. Register here. Global Read: How Fast Can You Run? with author Harriet Millan and Michael Majok Kuch. Set across the backdrop of refugee migration that spans East Africa, The US and Australia, How Fast Can You Run is the inspiring true story of a five-year-old boy's flight from war in Southern Sudan and his journey to find his mother. When the US grants approximately 4,000 unaccompanied minors political asylum, Majok becomes Michael, and he is given a new start in the US. Yet his new life is not without trauma, culminating when a fellow student betrays him. This is the story of a survivor who summons the courageous spirit of millions of refugees throughout history—and it lives on today. Learn more on the Charter website.

A Valentine Gift to You from Our Partner, Karma Tube

This film is like a warm hug with its focus on LOVE - something that we all know and share. Love has no boundaries, love has no prejudices, love has no labels. This simple message relates to all of us and has been grasped like a banner to wave in the face of bias and judgment. 'Love has no Labels' is a progressive campaign that embodies diversity & inclusion and ultimately challenges us to challenge ourselves.

Another Gift from Our Partner, TEALarbor Stories

Carry a small, beautiful piece of fabric with you. Ask friends to share one thing for which they are thankful as they hold the cloth;  share your own specific gratitude when they return the swatch to you. When several gratitudes have been shared with the cloth, wrap it around a small pebble and gift it to someone who is hurting; be sure to share the story of the fabric with the person you give it to.

Extend the Love

Every Valentine’s Day, we extend our love to—partners, parents, children, grandchildren, friends, schoolmates—the people in our inner circle we feel affection for—by sending cards, flowers, candy or some other token to lift up love and validate their place in our hearts. What if there was no need to mark Valentine’s Day as a special day? What if every day was a day to extend love? And what if that love extended to everybody not just our inner circle? And what if that love was validated, not with tokens like flowers and candy, but with compassion?

That’s precisely what everybody here at CCI works toward every day. Would you consider, this Valentine’s Day, adding the Charter for Compassion International to your list of valentines? Would you give us a token of love with your donation? Our heart thanks your heart in the heart of a world beating with compassion.

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