In a time of destruction, create something

In a time of destruction, create something


The world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater. ~ J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

In a time of destruction, create something.  ~Maxine Hong Kingston

When I opened my e-mail today there was one from The Elders. When I receive their messages I always open them.  Founded by Nelson Mandela: to “support courage where there is fear, foster agreement where there is conflict and inspire hope where there is despair,” I always know there is a group of extraordinary people working on issues of freedom, democracy, tolerance and egalitarianism on behalf of all of us.  

In the final statement to an article written by Martti Ahtisaari, former president of Finland the vision of the elders, in this latest newsletter the vision of the Elders is offered: : As Elders, we offer our support and determination to keep striving for a just, harmonious and bountiful world that we and future generations can all enjoy.  

Sign up for their monthly newsletter and learn more about the work of each Elder and their collective accomplishment. It will give you hope.

Karen Armstrong Receives the Princess of Asturias Award

The Charter for Compassion International is proud to announce that our founder, Karen Armstrong has been awarded the prestigious Princess of Asturias Award for Social Sciences. The prize was established on 24 September 1980 by the then twelve-year-old Felipe, Prince of Asturias, heir to the throne of Spain, " to contribute to, encourage and promote scientific, cultural and humanistic values that form part of mankind's universal heritage." The awards are presented at the Campoamor Theatre in Oviedo, the capital of the Principality of Asturias. A sculpture, expressly created for the prize by Spanish sculptor Joan Miró, is presented yearly to the recipients of the prize. Previous winners include Mary Beard, David Attenborough and Raymond Carr.  Learn more about the award.

Invitation from Compassionate Capitol Region, California
​Compassionate Capitol Region would like to invite you to join us in Sacramento or create your own event in your City of Compassion. We are convening on Tuesday, the 4th of July at the Sacramento State Capitol World Peace Rose Gardens for an interfaith meditation 9-10am PST, setting the intention for all cities to become Cities of Compassion.

Immediately after the Capitol, from 10am-2pm at nearby Southside Park, we will be redefining the 4th of July as InterDependence Day with education through celebration with a free family event. We will be LiveStreaming 9-10 am at the Capitol, you can join us by going onto Compassionate Capitol Region's FB page (please LIKE). 

Employment Opportunity

C3 (Creative, Compassionate Community) located in West Michigan, USA, is a long-standing, evolving spiritual community that offers an alternative to organized religion that thoughtful, compassionate people often are seeking.

C3 is looking for a full time Leader to help them grow. The believe their growth is contingent on: 1) a thought -provoking message delivered each Sunday morning, and 2) reaching out more effectively to those who don’t know them, particularly those who would diversify their community.  The position closes at the end of June. Learn more on their website.  

The Charter at Work

Help the Charter for Compassion International keep organizing, networking and responding to those who need our help.  If you can, please renew your membership, or become a member who supports the Charter monthly, or with a one time donation.  We are working our way to completing a new guide on Social Justice.  Santa Clara County, CA just affirmed the Charter for Compassion and we will be unveiling some exciting new programming in education in the next few month.  Please consider donating. The Charter is grateful for every gift you send.

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