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Kindness is a Simple Concept


Kindness is a simple concept...too simple some might think to provide a solution to the complex challenges of today's world. But it is precisely this simplicity that gives Kindness such power to effect positive change.
~Olivia McIvor

The Charter for Compassion is immensely grateful and proud that Olivia McIvor oversees the Charter Education Institute (CEI). For the past seven years, the co-founder of The Organizational Culture Group Ltd. (OCG) has made this volunteer position a priority in her already very busy life.

Olivia was told, in her first performance review as a Human Resources Manager, that she'd never be successful in HR if she continued to "wear her heart on her sleeve." Her life and work's purpose for well over three decades is to put the 'human' back into human resources. Olivia is obsessed with the concept of kindness. She has written about it in The Business of Kindness, and clearly understands the relationship of kindness and compassion and has given us lessons in her work Turning Compassion into Action as she urges each of us to craft engaged and meaningful lives.

Why Kindness?

  • Because every person should feel valued, respected, and heard
  • Because it cuts across all cultures, colors, creeds, genders, and ages
  • Because kindness builds empathy and resilience
  • Because people want to work in places where kindness is intentionally woven into the cultural fabric

In her own words, here are some directives Olivia stresses about kindness and obviously about compassion:

Start with Yourself: create a strong personal foundation. When we create a strong foundation and habit of self-care and personal resilience - it is then we can express kindness to others. Our words, thoughts and deeds reflect our character and shape our journey.

Support Your Team: embrace your roles as trusted colleagues. Or per Maya Angelou's famous quote: people may forget what we have done for them, but they rarely forget how we make them feel. Courageous colleagues build trusting relationships, create circles of inclusivity and nurture positive character within themselves and others.

Enrich Your Culture: when kindness is integrated into the organization. It becomes a standard for decision-making and actions. It also becomes the 'emotional benchmark' for recharging and centering individuals amid the changing landscape of work.

With warm regards,

Marilyn Turkovich

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