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Children who do not feel safe, cannot learn. And teachers who lack training and resources, do not perform to their full potential. Respect Education Foundation has developed a program to improve teaching and create a safe and rewarding learning environment.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights gives all children the right to education. Schooling should enable them to develop themselves as human beings and promote tolerance, understanding and friendship.

For millions of children growing up in conict and poverty, schools are not the safe havens where they can fully develop their potential. The circumstances under which they live aect their ability to learn and harm their self-esteem. Problems in society are carried into the classroom, leading to discrimination and bullying.

For their teachers, the lack of materials or adequate professional training is frustrating, preventing them from delivering the quality of education that they know children need. And there is little or no support available to them to help them deal with children aected by dicult socioeconomic circumstances or security issues.


Children and teachers can be powerful catalysts for change in their community, but only when they are equipped with the right tools and information. The Respect Education program aims to help children deal with conict in their immediate surroundings and supports teachers working under dicult conditions. The program provides continuous professional education and helps teachers and pupils to address safety and security issues in class together.

Throughout the school year, children attend monthly workshops where they learn to respect themselves, other people, and their surroundings. The workshops are taught by their own teachers together with specially trained local facilitators. The topics discussed and the interactive learning techniques used during the workshops help to reduce bullying and discrimination. Teachers receive several training sessions where they learn to develop their professional competences and learn inclusive teaching methods. The facilitators help them to incorporate the new teaching styles into their daily work. In addition, schools can initiate activities related to Respect Education themes such as gender, ethnicity and the environment, where the children can further develop condence and leadership skills. These skills are considered highly relevant in the 21st century job market. A twinning program with schools abroad or elsewhere in the country can also be set up, broadening the children´s horizons.

June 2nd, 2022 7:30 AM through  9:00 AM
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