India's Daughter Discussion


It is with reverence and trepidation that we promote the viewing of India’s Daughter and invite you to a post viewing conversation with the filmmaker Leslee Udwin. The Women & Girls Initiative within the Charter for Compassion’s Gender Partnership Sector, is devoted to Riane Eisler’s efforts of partnerism and for humanity to “see that the chronic tensions, miseries, and bloodbaths of the last five thousand years have not been due to human nature but rather to a dominator detour.”

Please join us June 15th, 2022 at 1pm PDT/9pm GMT for our continued exploration on values of Partnership, concepts of Safety, and rebuilding Sacredness in our conversation with Leslee Udwin, director of India’s Daughter and founder of Think Equal, a program of education-based emotional and social partnership, developed out of the horrors of domination.


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This film will NOT be openly available to the public.

To view the film prior to our conversation, please contact with a request for a private link. It is also available via streaming. Viewing the film is not required, but will enhance your understanding of the conversation.

Trigger warning: India’s Daughter tells the story of graphic gang rape and enculturated male domination. Please be advised.

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