Keys to Peace

Keys to Peace


Keys to Peace is a grassroots non-profit organization that is aimed at building awareness and promoting practices of peace through education and social connection in the Florida Keys. 

We act as a catalyst to peace. Our mission is to create a more compassionate, peaceable, and sustainable Florida Keys community through education, affiliation, and innovation. We believe that a peaceful community is committed to relationships based on acceptance, respect, tolerance, justice, and dignity.

We offer opportunities for people to choose projects where they can use their gifts and graces to participate in activities that help create peace. From strengthening spiritual and emotional well-being to building lasting social connections, all of our events and efforts strive to educate and inspire others to join together to help create a more peaceful and compassionate community.

10 Keys to Peace

1. BE HERE NOW: Keep your attention in the present moment. Being upset about the past and worrying about the future are self-defeating.

2. FORGIVE: We do not forgive because we "should" or because someone deserves it. We forgive to free ourselves from the bondage of resentment. Die to the past every moment. Live this moment fully.

3. OBSERVE: Notice your thoughts. Which ones make you upset? Which ones make you feel better? Remember, you can choose your thoughts.

4. FOCUS: Focus on thoughts that help you feel better. You can be master of your own mind.

5. QUESTION: Often, thoughts that upset you are not true. They are beliefs you have carried with you from the past. Question thoughts and beliefs. Can you see things differently?

6. MEDITATE: Practice quieting your mind. Make a connection to your Higher Self (Higher Power, God, Universal Energy).

7. REMEMBER: Remember your True Self. You are not your thoughts. Remember the awareness behind the inner thinker.

8. LISTEN: Listen to your inner Voice. It is the voice that guides you, comforts you, and gives you strength.

9. SURRENDER: Accept what is. Release all resistance to what is. What we resist will persist. Breathe. When we accept life the way it is, we find peace.

10. EXPECT: Expect positive results.

Location: Tavernier, FL, USA

About Us

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