The Forgiveness Webinar

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"Growing up in Afghanistan, I have had plenty of opportunities to experience hurt and loss. What's motivated me to explore forgiveness has been realizing the collateral damage that unforgiveness can cause, including losing my trust and confidence n others. These others were often just bystanders or guilty by association. Therefore I was victimizing many innocent folk without realizing it. Forgiveness may not be as sweet as revenge, but it seems to have fewer damaging side-effects."

~Dr. Masi Noor

"Over the years, I've witnessed people put their friends or family into exile beause of something they've said or done (or haven't said or done!). It's always seemed such a brutal response to being hurt. While I'm dead against prescribing forgiveness, I've come to believe forgiveness is the oil of personal relationships. People will let us down and forgiving is about letting go of the expectation that they won't."

~Marina Cantacuzino


September 20th, 2022 8:00 AM through  9:30 AM
United States
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