CARDBoard Project


Our Vision:

That all people have access to global information, communication, and opportunity.

We do that by connecting them with digital resources; offer support in from digitally savvy staff and volunteers, and connect them with job opportunities, and other resources that empower them to live self-sustaining lives with Dignity.

The people we serve have the Courage to ask for help because staff and volunteers of the CARDBoard Project are compassionate, empathetic and non-judging. 

Our Mobile Digital Connection program is designed to provide a safe space with Wi-Fi access, computer stations, and assistance in navigating the Internet for those that normally would not have access to these types of resources.
We aim to provide job training, job placement and provide additional resources needed to become an empowered employee and entrepreneur.
We cultivate community engagement by providing technology and internet marketing as well as web design services to the public advocating opportunities for our scholars.

Location: Plano, TX, USA

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