Atlanta Beltline, Inc.


The Atlanta Beltline is transforming the city of Atlanta. The Beltline project has the potential to break down barriers and connect people, communities, and cultures that have been intentionally segregated for generations. As the birthplace of the Civil Rights movement, Atlanta has a rich history of community, organizations, and government coming together to remove barriers and build paths of opportunity. Our hope is to implement the Beltline project in a way that ensures all Atlantans have the chance to participate in and benefit from its economic growth for generations to come.

The Atlanta Beltline’s equity and inclusion vision is that all legacy residents, new residents, and business owners - regardless of age, gender, race and ethnicity, ability, or income –benefit and prosper from the economic growth and activity associated with the Atlanta Beltline. This vision is consistent with the Atlanta Beltline’s overall vision and is guided by an understanding that inequities undermine the city’s collective prosperity and threaten the region’s ability to remain globally competitive.

We must also acknowledge that everyone is situated differently and the relationship between place and race in Atlanta is glaring. The prosperity of the region and the success of the Atlanta Beltline depends on every person having a fair chance to fulfill their human potential and thrive.

Our success depends on creating and preserving affordability; reducing residential, commercial and cultural displacement; reducing racial and economic disparities; promoting transit and connectivity; empowering Beltline communities for the future; and ultimately improving the overall quality of life for all Beltline residents.

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA

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