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We highlight the mutual historical and cultural interest of all these brothers-in-arms and many more fascinating facts associated with every region of our planet.

Our Aim:

To pay tribute to the millions of Muslims who played a substantial role alongside the Allied Forces in World War 1.

The Forgotten Heroes 14-19 Foundation has discovered previously unknown stories of the diversity in the First World War by uncovering unique documents in English, French, Urdu, Arabic and Farsi – including photographs, field reports, personal diaries, and letters that didn’t make it home.

The Foundation has learnt that approximately four million Muslim soldiers and labourers from around the globe served along the allied forces in the first world war in a global conflict that was not of their own making.They served with dignity and honour.

Among the personal diaries are numerous heart-warming accounts of…Muslim, Christian and Jewish soldiers fighting united, side-by-side; sharing their experiences and accommodating each other’s cultures, music, gastronomy and religious practices, despite the difficult conditions in the trenches. Furthermore… chaplains, priests, rabbis and imams went out of their way to learn, Arabic, Hebrew, English and French, in order to accommodate religious burials of the dead on the battle front. If soldiers then could accept and accommodate each other in this way in the trenches during wartime, what’s stopping us from doing the same today?"

Book image 003"Sacred Forest" is one of our archived prints, from World War I, showing Christians, Muslims and Jews praying in a forest before a battle.

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