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Citizen Discourse’s purpose is to support the development of an engaged, informed and caring global society. We use restorative and reflective discourse experiences that lead to self-awareness and authentic connections.

Employing a highly curated and research-backed workshop methodology, Citizen Discourse promotes the practice of healthy discourse skills.


Citizen Discourse is a global educational movement devoted to reinventing a world where self awareness, critical thinking, and empathy create interactions grounded in dignity and success.

Through strategic partnerships coupled with ease of use, Citizen Discourse’s methodology will be widely applied in professional, educational and public engagement settings: resulting in the advancement of human rights and democratic values.


  • Discernment & Nuance
  • Respect
  • Transparency, Honesty, & Good Intentions
  • Integrity & Accountability
  • Justice & Fairness
  • Gratitude
  • Thinking Outside the Box
  • Listening to Understand

Location: Austin, TX, USA

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