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The Wisdom Company is a global non-profit organization whose expertise is the practical application of experiential wisdom.

The Wisdom Company’s courses are built upon a new paradigm, the Balanced Paradigm, which provides a hopeful future in which kindness and solidarity become a reality in our country and in the world. 

The 7 scientific principles of the Balanced Paradigm have:

  • Helped people connect with who they really are
  • Transformed the lives of clients
  • Transitioned people into the next stage of their lives
  • Guided business owners to help them determine what to do with their companies
  • Created intellectual, emotional and psychological transformations
  • Helped people make robust decisions
  • Lead people to create new purposeful lives

The Company’s courses are based on the three dimensions of wisdom, discovered by empirical academic research whose:

  • Cognitive dimension expands mindsets to a whole new level
  • Self-Reflective dimension provides an opportunity to live a life of authenticity
  • Transcendent dimension provides a new unifying level that allows people to go above the dualities of partisan politics and create a higher common ground 

Location: Cambridge, MA, USA

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