Awareness in Action




In Awareness in  Action we explore sustainable wellbeing through understanding how the inner space of our mind works.

We explore our qualities of clarity, connection and openness.

clarityClarity starts with coming home to ourselves through meditation.


connectionConnection happens when we realize the power of kindness and compassion in our lives.


openingOpenness comes about through a recognition that our thoughts and emotions do not need to define us.  


We bring this perspective into action through three core avenues of exploration

findingFinding our way as an individual and doing the inner work


lookingLooking beyond appearances to build harmonious relationships


arrivingArriving at wellbeing in our working life by connecting the inner and outer workplace.


What we offer

  • Workshops and training for groups and in the workplace
  • Online courses
  • Coaching
  • A regular wellbeing blog
  • A range of free products to give you a taste of what we do

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