Compassion Inc.: Unleashing the Power of Empathy in Life and Business


This Global Read with Gaurav Sinha: Compassion Inc, was held March 3, 2020





Compassion Inc Global ReadBe inspired to transform your business to change the world . Do you ever wonder how successful businesses can be used as a force for good? Do you sometimes feel conflicted by the principles of capitalism? Do you wish to change the world around you whilst doing what you love? In this book, Gaurav Sinha, world-class businessman and entrepreneur, founder of Insignia in 2003, outlines the economics of empathy for life and for business. He offers actionable solutions to maintaining a successful trade in a changing global landscape where conscience, ethics, and authenticity are high on the agenda. The world is changing, perceptions are shifting, consumers are evolving, and this book will ensure your business keeps up.

Gaurav Sinha
The perennial protagonist, Gaurav is passionate about place-making, strategy & storytelling. His philosophical views are shaped by the principles of Buddhism and as a brand strategist he has authored the narrative for some of the world’s most revered international brands within the real estate, hospitality, travel and tourism industry.

Gaurav Sinha is the author of the book titled Compassion Inc. which sits at the intersection of life philosophy and business strategy, providing insights about unleashing the power of empathy in life and business.

Born and raised in India, Gaurav joined Hilton Hotels in 1997 as Head of Marketing for the Arabian Gulf and in 2003 he established Insignia Worldwide, a branding, design and communications firm that specializes in luxury hospitality, travel, tourism and destination brands. 

A vibrant thought leader, Gaurav is renowned for his expertise in brand strategy and reputed for being a creative protagonist in his field. As an anthropologist, author and activist, he works at the intersections of strategy and storytelling, curating cultures and creating destination brands that resonate with distinction. He is also the founder of Quillon Hospitality, a boutique development advisory and white-label hospitality management company and IN.TRAVEL Network, an outsourced sales representation and revenue optimisation firm for luxury hotels.

Gaurav is an active philanthropist along with his wife Lucy Bruce, and co-founded Harmony House, a day-shelter for over 500 destitute children in India.He is ranked 11th amongst the 50 Most Powerful Indians in the UAE and 47th amongst the 100 Most Influential Indians in the GCC by Arabian Business magazine. Gaurav is actively involved in the tourism and hospitality industry and on the advisory board of numerous associations and conferences as well as a strategic partner of the Hotel Asset Managers Association.


download 3Host: Olivia McIvor - Culture Enricher, Author & Leadership Development Facilitator

There isn’t anything I haven’t seen that you could surprise me with.”  says, Ms. McIvor, emphasising that she doesn’t wear this as a badge of honour, rather, as a statement that brings her sadness and a driving motivation to be a social change advocate in organizations.  Throughout her 32 years in Human Resources she has witnessed the grief and joy that comes to work everyday in the wake of suicides, divorces, bullying, addictions, mental, emotional and physical illness, and workaholism all culminating to a lack of human civility.  The fall out is a lack of individual and organizational resilience and unrest. 

And, she will quickly add, she has also seen the power of healing that comes from workplaces that intentionally and tenderly take care of their emotional culture.  Disruptive Kindness… is the new morale.  As a social researcher, educator, author and speaker, Ms. McIvor no long doubts the power of kindness as a social change strategy to support organizations to get to the root causes of problems instead of only addressing the symptoms.

Olivia is the best-selling author of three books: The Business of Kindness, Four Generations-One Workplace and I See You.  As a subject matter expert on five generations gracing our workplaces, she believes that its not our differences that divide us, rather, its our judgments.   She ascertains if we can begin to release these divergent views and see the gifts each cohort brings to the workplace that building collaborative relationships and personal engagement will be the natural outcome achieved.

Her work has been embraced by industries including Healthcare, Technology, Education, Retail, Wholesale, Tourism, Hospitality, Financial, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Telecommunication and Manufacturing.

She is a post secondary educator and teaches in the School of Business at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Her Philanthropic work has her serving as the global Director for The Charter for Compassion Education Institute and as an Advisor for the Kindness Foundation of Canada. 

Ms. McIvor lives in Vancouver, British Columbia

Visit Ms. McIvor’s LinkedIn profile at: 

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