The Human Values Center


The Human Values Center works to provide holistic professional education, training and tech-based tools to foster healthy culture in organizations for improved climates where people live out shared values and flourish. 

The organization uses its Well-Being App and other online resources to help other groups and empower positive change.

Well-Being App:

HVC's Well-Being App provides an easily accesible solution to address the fundamental needs of all humans: to feel valued, to feel connected to community, to feel one is contributing and that one is growing in a positive way.

The app uses research based neuroscience and proven methodology of engagement with positive psychology, gamification and a reward system to reinforces reflection, positive peer interaction, private and public positive reinforcement of lived values.

This gives administrators and teachers analytics to reflect the positive change in lives and for the whole of the community. 

Location: Claremont, CA, USA

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