Image from the Daily Haloha appLook inward and share outward. Daily Haloha is a simple and uplifting daily routine, wrapped in a charming little app. It’s like breathing, but with empathy as the oxygen :)

Daily Haloha presents 1 thought-provoking question to the world each day. Participants reflect on the question, swap responses anonymously with someone else around the world, and then discover what everyone is thinking and feeling that day. Me, me and you, and all of us.

Daily Haloha is founded on the fundamental belief that everyone matters and everyone belongs, and that social media disconnects us as much as it promises connection. In fact, our app is inspired not by other apps, but by participatory art and story-sharing projects that awaken our sense of shared humanity.

Subway Therapy wall inspiration for Haloha WallWe've replaced reaction with reflection, judgment with curiosity, status-seeking with awareness-seeking, and algorithms with serendipity. And we've replaced the endless scroll with a 2-minute daily routine that flexes the empathy muscle.

Download the app here: and reach out to us for collaborations and partnerships. We love them!

"The app inspires anonymous connectivity and reminds us that we are uplifted by connecting with each other in our common humanity and that there is an antidote to the current environment of competing with and criticizing each other based on our differences." ~ the Center for Compassionate Leadership blog

Daily Haloha mobile app"This app brings out the best of all of us — the real, in the moment, actually human, experiences we have — so that we can remember the importance of connecting without focusing too much on the particulars. Unlike any other app, or anything, I have ever encountered, Daily Haloha has managed to create a community where the only thing I am certain we all share is that we are human. I can’t think of a better medicine for this day and time. Thank you, Daily Haloha for bringing us along, and reminding us how much we have in common, every moment." ~ Review from the app store

Location: New Rochelle, NY, USA

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