The Origin Project


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The Origin Project is an experiential, practice-based, and solution-focused collaborative. We employ an integral framework that views consciousness from an individual and collective perspective simultaneously. This multi-structured approach to engaging culture and society allows for the most comprehensive picture of our world and its trajectory to emerge. Using this framework as a foundation we can begin to explore our shared origins and discover where the edges of our humanity overlap and intersect. We can also birth solutions to complex issues created by conflicting worldviews, because we can step out and see more of the problem in and of itself.

This mindset requires the cultivation of community in order to be fully expressed. However, unlike many organizations that require a renunciation of the self for the greater body politic; our project recognizes the individual as a sovereign whole operating within the larger context of the collective. We possess the certitude that a group of healthy individuals constitute a robust and vibrant community. This method of interacting with one another creates a unique relationship to the “I” and “We” domains, which induces a novel mode of “being” in the world.

We are a participatory social experiment that seeks to uncover the full potential of our humanity. We craft experiences that evoke a sense of belonging and inclusivity, while honoring the diversity of our ever-changing human heritage. This process-oriented dimension of “doing,” brings about the requisite action necessary for the concretion of integral consciousness in the world-at-large. This distinct mode of awareness, renders the capacity to perceive reality in its full complexity and in its proper context as a whole and interdependent system. The two-fold approach that we have developed to help solidify this unfolding of consciousness is called structural embodiment and cultural embodiment, respectively.

Wherever we are headed as a species, the one thing that we can be sure of is that we will get there together. Our aim is to bring a new consciousness to bear on the problems of our world that honors wholeness in all of its multi-faceted diversity. With that capacity we can create solutions that will birth a brighter future for us all.

Thank you for being part of this journey with us!

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA

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