Atlanta Center for Self-Compassion




Atlanta Center for Self-Compassion offers counseling for teens and adults, specializing in stress, eating disorders, anxiety, and depression. We also provide 8-week Mindful Self-Compassion Courses, weekly process groups for all ages, and educational presentations on emotion regulation, self-compassion, and DBT. Just as important as the services we offer, are the values that guide our center:

● We believe every human life includes moments of suffering and imperfection, moments of unbearable pain that we somehow must find a way to bear.

● We believe there are skills you can learn to help you feel more competent at handling the curveballs life throws your way and the emotions that can overwhelm you.

● We believe you have the resources and answers you need inside of you, and we are here to help you uncover your own inner wisdom.

● We believe adopting a curious, investigative mindset about the connections between your emotions, your thoughts, and your actions will give you information you can use to make small changes in the direction of your goals.

● We believe everyone is inherently worthy of love and connection no matter what they have done or will do.

● We believe therapy has the potential to change the course of your life.

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA

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